Upgrading from Acrobat Connect Pro 7.x to 7.0 SP2 or SP3 causes an Invalid popup message and "No message for validation error" message when uploading a new license.txt file


After you upgrade from Acrobat Connect Pro 7.x to 7.0 SP2 or 7.0 SP3 you might experience one of the following issues:

  • When you log into the Acrobat Connect Pro Administrator you may receive a pop-up box with the message "Invalid", as follows:

  • When you upload a new license.txt from from the Connect Pro Server Console you will get the error message "No message for validation error "no-such-item", type "unavailable", field "threshold-absolute", as follows:


When upgrading to Acrobat Connect Pro we will check different variables to validate the upgrade is upgrading to the correct version. In our Acrobat Connect Pro 7.0 SP2 and in SP3 installer the version.txt file is missing the keyword causing some upgrade scripts to not run.


  1. Copy and paste the following in to your version.txt file after backing it up.  C:\breeze\appserv\web\common\version.txt

If its SP2 then this  


Connect 7.0 SP2 r. 32/c. 489836/b. Tue Feb 10 19:14:30 2009

 Presenter r. Presenter7GMSP1

FMS r. Mustang_Connect 3_0_0_1208

enterprise installer: Mon Feb 16 15:36:40 2009


If its SP3 then this


Connect 7.0 SP3 r. 25/c. 532541/b. Sat Jun  6 01:20:25 2009

Presenter r. Presenter7GMSP1

FMS r. Mustang_Connect 3_0_0_1215

Enterprise Installer: Sat Jun  6 01:40:29 2009



  1. Restart the Acrobat Connect Pro services

    Note: If you had problems updating your license.txt file, then you may re-apply it after the services are running.
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