For servers within certain time zones, the Adobe Connect service doesn't start in cases where:

  • You upgrade the installed version of Connect on a server to Connect 8 SP1
  • You install Connect 8 SP1 on a server that does not already have Connect installed

The following error is logged in the ConnectProService.log file:

| ERROR  | wrapper  | License Error: | ERROR  | wrapper  | The license keys are incorrect.

| ERROR  | wrapper  | Please verify that the wrapper.license.* properties match exactly

| ERROR  | wrapper  | and that the following property values match those required for the license:

| ERROR  | wrapper  |

| ERROR  | wrapper  |

| ERROR  | wrapper  | 

| ERROR  | wrapper  | A license can be obtained from the Java Service Wrapper site:

| ERROR  | wrapper  |


Choose Control Panel  > Date and Time. Then change the time zone on the affected server to a country west of Japan (a time zone less than + 9 UTC).

Additional information 

The error occurs because of a bug within Tanuki Java Service Wrapper that is used with Connect 8 SP1. The bug causes the validation of the Java Services Wrapper license used by Connect 8 SP1 on servers with time zones east of Japan to fail. That is, it fails in time zones greater than +9 UTC.

The problem only affects servers with time zones between +10:00 and +11:59 UTC. Therefore, the problem can affect licensed customers in Australia (East coast) and New Zealand.






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