Introducing ColdFusion ORM

In previous ColdFusion releases, database access was achieved by:

  • Managing relational data using tags such as cfquery, cfinsert, and cfupdate, which handle SQL statements, or via stored procedures.
  • Managing objects using ColdFusion components (CFCs), and object lifecycle using the application itself
  • Writing SQL queries for each CFC, even for basic CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) operations.
    The complexity of managing these tasks increases as your application grows.
    ColdFusion ORM automates most of these tasks, which:
  • Makes application code cleaner and more manageable
  • Enhances your productivity and lets you develop database applications faster
  • Creates applications that can run faster because of built-in ORM optimizations
  • Minimizes the amount of code you write

Apart from providing a framework for mapping the object model with the relational database, ColdFusion ORM provides data query and retrieval facilities.

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