ColdFusion provides offline AIR application support, which includes data persistence and synchronization. These features let an AIR application use a local SQLite database that represents data on the ColdFusion server. 
You cannot use these features in applications built with Flash, which run in a browser or Flash Player. These features only support AIR applications with intermittent connectivity to the ColdFusion data provider. They enable users to run the AIR application offline and then synchronize data with the ColdFusion application the next time the application runs online.
To support offline AIR data access, you code ActionScript elements on the client side and CFML on the server side.

Note: Some of the code in the following discussion uses an AIR application that displays and updated an Employee database that ColdFusion manages for its sample code. However, the snippets below are not all from this example, and do not make up a complete or consistent application.