Client-side charting

ColdFusion 10 supports client-side charting. This is in addition to the existing server-side charting feature (which continues to serve the way it used to).

Client-side charting supports the following:

  • Dynamic and interactive charting: Modify the charts, add styles, and add new series or plots.
  • Popular chart formats with appropriate fallback functionality: Use HTML 5, Flash, SVG, or VML charts. If your browser does not support HTML 5 features relevant to charting, charts are rendered in Flash. Similarly, if Flash is not supported, charts are rendered in HTML.
  • Features identical to server-side charting: Most of the server-side charting features are available with client-side charting.
  • * Old and new charts:* In addition to the contemporary chart types, offers a new set of charts.
  • Needs minimal trips to server: As compared to generating charts at server-level, for every user interaction.


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