Use the ColdFusion extensions for Eclipse

Adobe ColdFusion Builder is End of Life from Oct 1, 2024

Thank you for being part of the exciting journey of Adobe ColdFusion Builder.

As Adobe continues to focus on ColdFusion Builder extension for Visual Studio Code as the IDE for Adobe ColdFusion, we have decided to End of Life (EOL) Adobe ColdFusion Builder on Oct 1, 2024.

View the End of Life (EOL) announcement for ColdFusion Builder.

The Adobe ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse include wizards that help generate code for common tasks and an extension that lets you connect to remote servers from Adobe Flash Builder and Eclipse.
To use the ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse, you should be familiar with ColdFusion components, as well as accessing and using data in ColdFusion applications. You should also be familiar with Eclipse or Adobe Flash Builder.


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