Using cfspreadsheet

The cfspreadsheet tag lets you manage Excel spreadsheets. The tag lets you do the following:

  • Read a spreadsheet file (XLS file) and store it in a ColdFusion spreadsheet object, query, CSV string, or HTML string.
  • Write a single sheet to a new XLS from a query, ColdFusion spreadsheet object, or CSV string variable.
  • Add a sheet to an existing XLS file.
    Use the spreadsheet functions to manipulate rows and columns in a spreadsheet and the data in the rows and columns. You can also specify and get comments, values, and formulas for a cell in the spreadsheet.
    Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is supported by cfspreadsheet and all the spreadsheet functions except the following:
  • SpreadSheetAddSplitPane
  • SpreadSheetAddFreezePane
    For detailed information about cfspreadsheet and all the spreadsheet functions, see CFML Reference.


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