• ColdFusion ORM

    ORM is a framework that you can use to define a mapping between an application object model and a relational database.

  • Introducing ColdFusion ORM

    Use ORM to manage relational data, objects, and make application code more manageable.

  • ORM architecture

    Learn about the architecture of ORM and what you need to create persistent objects.

  • Configure ORM

    Configure ORM via Application.cfc settings.

  • Define ORM mapping

    Define ORM mapping either in the CFC or in a separate Hibernate mapping file.

  • Work with objects

    Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) allows you to work with objects and have them saved to the database automatically.

  • ORM session management

    Hibernate Session is a thread-safe and short-lived object that represents a conversation between the application and the persistence layer.

  • Transaction and concurrency

    Manage ORM concurrency and transactions using Hibernate or CFTransaction.

  • Use HQL queries

    ColdFusion lets you use HQL (Hibernate Query Language) to run queries directly on the database.

  • Autogenerate database schema

    ColdFusion automatically creates tables when ORM is initialized for the application.

  • Support for multiple data sources for ORM

    Support for multiple data sources for ORM.

  • ColdFusion ORM search

    Indexing and search capabilities with ColdFusion ORM.

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