Linking Activation - Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) account to Marketing Cloud

How to link Activation - Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) account to Marketing Cloud

  1. Log in to the Marketing Cloud via

  2. If it is your first login through the Marketing Cloud, then the first page requires an account link before you can link to DTM. If it is not your first login and you have already successfully linked other tools proceed to step 3. 

    To link to one of the six solutions available, click 'Get Access' and sign in with the login that is associated to the selected tool. After at least one account is linked, Activation can be linked.

  3. Click the account icon in the top, right corner. Then click the hyperlink for the company name. If you have access to multiple organizations, click 'Manage Organizations' at the bottom of the list. 

  4. From within the Organization pane, click Add Organization.

  5. Select 'Adobe Dynamic Tag Management' from the dropdown and log in to link the account.

After the accounts are linked, DTM can be accessed by clicking 'Activation' in the left side menu.

Common Account Linking Errors

If you receive one of the following errors when linking the account, contact support

  • “ERROR Your account cannot be linked because it is not assigned to a company”.
  • “ERROR Your account could not be linked: Your Adobe ID user is already linked to this company with the legacy user.”     
  • “ERROR An unexpected error occurred while linking your account.”
  • “ERROR Your account could not be linked: Your company is not yet enabled for the Marketing Cloud. You may request access here. Error: Organization missing."

If the company has already been provisioned for the Marketing Cloud, the error is a provisioning issue. For resolution to any of errors listed above, contact support. In the request include the Account Name, Marketing Cloud user name, DTM user name, and the error you are receiving.

If the company has not been provisioned for the Marketing Cloud, follow the instructions here

If you receive an error inside your network, but the link works outside the network whitelist the IP addresses listed here:


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