Adobe Prelude fixed issues

Use this document to see the list of bug fixes in Adobe Prelude.

January 2018 (version 7.0.1) release

  • When you switch to List/Logging workspace from Rough Cut workspace, you could be unable to view markers in the Marker panel. This issue occurrs when you switch from a workspace that includes Marker panel to a workspace without Marker panel.

Bug fixes in October 2017

  • Audio channel which is a part of a rough cut may be lost on export.

Bug fixes in May 2017

  • Prelude might not load if Home folder is mapped outside users Directory (MAC ONLY).
  • Data could be lost while using media cache auto delete preference.
  • Tag color could be lost after adding tags using unassociated metadata panel.
  • Adding comment marker could fail to give the description as to which default field to enter.

Bug fixes in November 2016

  • Tags color could be lost after closing media from timeline.
  • When you close and relaunch Prelude, Appearence preferences might not be retained.

Bug fixes in April 2016

  • Roughcut relinking might not work in some situations.
  • Copy pasting markers might not work in Prelude.
  • Search could fail to retain data while switching between timeline and Marker.

Bug fixes in January 2016

  • Intelligent Media Relink feature might not work while relinking to multiple files.
  • Adding marker could show the error "Project write XMP to disk failed".
  • Link media could fail to browse selected media.
  • When you attempt to transcode or concatenate source media which spans files, it might happen that only the first file gets considered.
  • Path of media files inside spanned media might not be available in API callback, while relinking media.


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