Configure audio profiles

Audio providers are companies that provide audio conferencing services that work with Connect. Administrators configure the audio providers that everyone on an account can use. Hosts configure providers for a specific use, such as a meeting. Both account administrators and hosts can configure an audio provider for universal voice.

The configuration for a universal voice audio provider includes the details required for hosts and participants to join an audio conference. These details include the telephone numbers and steps required to dial into the audio conference. The configuration also specifies the host-defined options. For example, administrators configure the tones and pauses for dialing into a meeting. Hosts provide the meeting ID and any passwords that participants use to join the audio conference.

Once you configure a universal voice audio provider, meeting hosts can create audio profiles that map to the provider. Audio profiles contain the audio conference settings used to start an audio conference.
Universal voice audio providers include these types:

  • Integrated telephony providers that have been enabled for universal voice.
  • User-configured by a meeting host or account administrator.



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