Outlook Add-in error "Login, password and meeting room URL could not be validated" (Connect Pro)


Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Add-in for Microsoft Outlook gives the following error message even after you enter the correct configuration for the meeting room URL, Login username, and password:

"Login, password and meeting room URL could not be validated. Please make sure you entered the correct  information."

outlook add-in error


This error occurs when client is connecting to the older version of Connect Server 7 SP3. The correct version of Connect Server 7 SP3 is r.25/c, which you can download from www.adobe.com/support/connect/updaters.html.

You can check your connect server version by accessing http://YourConnectServerName.Domain.com/version.txt.


Connect 7.0 SP3 r. 25/c. 532541/b. Sat Jun  6 01:20:25 2009

  Presenter r. Presenter7GMSP1

  FMS r. Mustang_Connect 3_0_0_1215
Licensed Enterprise Installer: Sat Jun  6 01:40:29 2009




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