Creative Suite 6 customers who haven't downloaded offline content for their CS6 applications experience error messages when attempting to access Help offline.


Solution 1

Adobe plans to offer offline help PDFs for CS6 in June 2012. Once the Help PDFs have been downloaded via the Help Manager utility, all invocations for Help function normally.

In the meanwhile, you can download placeholder PDFs from the Help Manager utility. These placeholder PDFs resolve the error codes that customers see until the final PDFs are available.

To download the placeholder PDFs, open the Adobe Help utility from the Applications folder. Once the utility has launched, click the Download button in the General Settings preferences pane.

In General Settings, click Download

After the interim PDFs are downloaded, the Help Manager unzips the files and place them in the proper directory. This process can take a few minutes, depending on the size of the download and the number of PDFs. 

You can now quit or exit the Help Manager. The next time you launch Help and you do not have an Internet connection, the appropriate product PDF file opens in Adobe Reader or similar PDF-rendering software. You can also choose to view the PDF by default by changing the "Display Local Help content only" preference to "Yes."  For details, see the same screenshot above.

When the final PDF Help files are delivered in June 2012, you will receive a notification from the Help Manager letting you know that updated PDFs are ready for download. Repeat the Download process to update the content to your local computer. 

Sample error codes

Adobe InDesign CS6

  • Error message: "Adobe Help Viewer is not installed and you are not connected to the Internet. Please check your Internet connection or reinstall Indesign."
  • Issue: The error string is outdated and incorrect. In almost all cases, the Help Manager is already installed and up-to-date. Customers do not need to reinstall Indesign.
Adobe Help Viewer is not installed

Adobe Photoshop CS6

  • Error message: "Photoshop Online Help could not be displayed because you are not connected to the Internet."
  • Issue: Incorrect and outdated error message; online users can still receive this error.
Photoshop Online Help could not be displayed

Adobe Illustrator CS6

  • Error message: "To access online help or to download help contents, you need to be connected to Internet."
  • Issue: Incorrect error message, since user can be connected to Internet and still receive this error.
Illustrator error message

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

  • Error message: "The Help System cannot be launched because the help folder is missing. Please install the help folder or reinstall Dreamweaver."
  • Issue: The error string is outdated and incorrect. Customers do not need to reinstall Dreamweaver.
Dreamweaver error message

Adobe Flash Professional CS6

  • Issue: nothing happens (no error message, help doesn’t work) when you press F1 or choose Help from the File menu.
  • Note: this issue is a separate issue, unrelated to the Adobe Help Manager. Flash Professional CS6 customers can download the latest patch available from here:

Adobe Encore CS6

  • Error message: "Failed to launch Help Client"
  • Issue: Incorrect error string; in almost all cases, the Help Manager is installed and will function normally once the PDF has been downloaded.
Encore error message

Adobe Audition CS6

  • Error message: "Unable to display help for this topic (Error: 10). You may need to repair this installation"
  • Issue: Incorrect error. Customers do not need to reinstall.
Audition error message

Adobe Media Encoder CS6

  • Error message: "Adobe Help client failed to launch"
  • Issue: Incorrect error; in almost all cases, the Help Manager is installed and will function normally once the PDF has been downloaded.
Media Encoder error message

Solution 2

If you still can't access the Help, you can download Help PDFs from the following web page: Download the required help PDF document and place it into the following location:

  • Windows 7: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\PDF\pdf\
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe\PDF\pdf\
  • Mac OS: /HD/Users/Shared/Documents/Adobe/PDF/pdf/

Note: If these locations aren't created, then create them manually.

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