Enabling Adobe Connect HTML client

Learn how to enable the Adobe Connect HTML client both for administrators and hosts.

Only a member of the Administrators group can enable or disable the Adobe Connect HTML client for participants for the entire Account.

Enabling the HTML client for an account

  1. Log in to your Adobe Connect account as an administrator, and click the Administration tab.

  2. Click the Compliance and Control sub-tab.

  3. Open the setttings for the HTML client.

  4. Select the options to enable the HTML client for meetings, virtual classrooms, and webinars.

  5. Save the settings.

    Enabling HTML client

Enable HTML client for a room

  1. Open the Edit Information tab for the virtual classroom, meeting, or seminar room. Then, select Enable HTML client for participants to enable HTML client for the room.

    Enable HTML client option

Joining the room with the HTML client

At least one host is required with the Adobe Connect desktop application to open and manage the room. The participants can access a live session using the HTML client, even if they do not have Adobe Flash installed or disabled in the browser.

Access the room as a participant from a computer where Adobe Connect desktop application is not installed. You can view the revamped Adobe Connect login page.

HTML client login screen

Adobe logo

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