Feature summary | Animate (June 2020 release)

Learn what's new in the June 2020 release of Animate (version 20.5)

Auto keyframe

In the latest release, you can insert Keyframe or Blank keyframe automatically. The Auto keyframe option adds Keyframe or Blank Keyframe to the selected frame while editing the stage or the Properties panel. A blue dot appears outside the existing frame range to indicate the frame number for auto-keyframing.

Auto keyframe
Auto keyframe

Assets panel

The latest version of Animate introduces Assets panel to store, manage, and reuse ready-to-use assets across documents. From the Context Menu in Library panel, you can export any image or symbol as an asset. Once exported, you can import assets into the Assets panel from the Hamburger Menu> Import.

Assets Panel: Thubmnail view

Assets Panel: List view

Quick social share

The latest update allows you to quickly share your animations on Twitter. To share your content on Twitter, click the Share button> Quick social share>Twitter. Check the preview, type your tweet, and click Share to generate a video via Adobe Media Encoder and post it.

Quick share


Hands-on tutorial creator

Eager to create your own hands-on tutorial? You can quickly create hands-on tutorial using the new panel from Window> Extensions> Hands-on Tutorial Creator menuThe panel allows you to create a new or edit an existing tutorial. 

Hands-on tutorial details

Card details

Card list

Once saved, you can test it out by importing it using Help> Hands-on Tutorial> Import Tutorial...

New user on-boarding panel

For new users to get started, Animate allows you to explore hands-on tutorials of your choice. You can hover over the tutorial to watch the preview or skip the panel to explore later.

Selective texture publishing

To speed up Canvas publishing and reduce output file size, a new optimization is in place when Export as: Texture is selected in Publish settings. The optimization selectively converts complex vector shapes to bitmaps and retains simple shapes as vector. Also, the optimization ensures that runtime performance remains unimpacted.

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