About templates

Animate templates provide you with easy-to-use starting points for common projects. The New File dialog box provides a preview and description of each template. Templates are available in six categories:

  • Advertising - these include common Stage sizes used in online ads.

  • Animation - these include many common types of animations, including motion, highlighting, glow, and easing.

  • Banners - includes common sizes and functionality used in website interfaces.

  • Media Playback - includes photo albums and playback of several video dimensions and aspect ratios.

  • Presentations - includes simple and more complex presentation styles.

  • Sample Files - these provide examples of commonly used features in Animate.

A note about advertising templates

Advertising templates facilitate the creation of standard rich media types and sizes defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and accepted by the online advertising industry. For more information on IAB-endorsed ad types, see the IAB site at IAB.net.

Test your ads for stability in various browser and platform combinations. Your ad application is considered stable if it doesn’t cause error messages, browser crashes, or system crashes.

Work with webmasters and network administrators to create detailed test plans that include the tasks you expect your audience to do within the ad. Example test plans are available at the IAB Rich Media testing section of IAB.net. Size and file format requirements of ads can vary by vendor and website. Check with your vendor, ISP, or the IAB to learn about these requirements that affect the ad’s design.

Use a template

  1. Select File > New from Template.

  2. Select a template from one of the categories and click OK.
  3. Add content to the FLA file that opens.
  4. Save and publish the file.