End of support for Workspaces on Acrobat.com and some Adobe online services

In January 2014, Adobe announced that Workspaces on Acrobat.com would be retired in 2015. Adobe Workspaces, including Buzzword, Tables, and Presentation, were retired on January 6 2015. As a result, Adobe’s online services at Acrobat.com are no longer an option for hosting Shared Reviews with Acrobat versions 9, X, and XI. It is also no longer an option for collecting forms data in Acrobat versions 9 and X.

Options that relied on Acrobat.com Workspaces were removed starting with a quarterly release May 13 2014.

What features were affected?

  • For Send for Shared Review, the option Automatically download & track comments with Adobe online services has been removed. You can still set up a shared review using an internal server.
  • For the Forms command Distribute, the option Acrobat.com no longer exists. You can still email forms or use internal servers, as well as FormsCentral.

Why did Adobe retire Workspaces?

Adobe exited the document authoring business for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation files. Adobe's focus is to continue to provide world-class PDF creation and conversion products and services that enable our customers to take actions on their files anywhere on any device.

Who is impacted and what does this change mean?

  • Acrobat XI, X, and 9 users can no longer host shared reviews on Acrobat.com.
  • Acrobat 9 and X users can no longer host shared reviews or forms data collection on Acrobat.com.

What’s the alternative?

You can host shared reviews or forms data collection on local network server, web server, or SharePoint.

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