Issue: Blank screen appears on the top of Acrobat window

On Mac OS, a blank window appears on top of the Acrobat DC application window, and you can't close Acrobat. This issue occurs on Mac OS systems with dual monitors, where one of the monitors is a retina display.


Do one of the following:

  • Press the Esc key when blank screen is in focus.
  • Detach second monitor and relaunch Acrobat.

Additional information

In Dual Monitor setup, where the secondary monitor is non- High DPI and the primary monitor is Retina display, the Acrobat dialog box appears distorted and user cannot pass through it. It gives the impression that Acrobat/Reader is frozen.

Connect a non-HiDPI machine with a HiDPI machine and launch Acrobat on the HiDPI machine. Launch any Acrobat dialog box (CEF) and move the window to the non-HiDPI machine. The dialog box window view gets distorted.

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