LiveCycle-encrypted PDF files don't open in Reader 

When you use Adobe Reader to view a PDF protected with LiveCycle's Extended Authentication, a blank login screen appears. Digitally rights-managed PDFs do not open from Adobe Reader when the following is true:

  • The OS is Windows.
  • The Adobe Reader version is 11.0.08 or 11.0.09.
  • The PDF is protected using the Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management Server.
  • The authentication mechanism is Extended Authentication.
  • Adobe Reader is running in protected mode.

This problem is not present in Acrobat. Adobe plans to fix this issue in the next scheduled release.

PDF image won't open

Solution: Install the latest product version

Update to 11.0.10: 

  • Choose Help > Check for Updates, or
  • Get the .msp file and update manually. 
See the Release Notes for details.

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