Adobe Acrobat 8.1 supports Microsoft Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Windows x64 platforms. For more details about the Acrobat 8.1 update, see TechNote kb401730. Acrobat 7 and previous versions do not support Windows Vista.

Support for Acrobat 8 on Windows Vista

To obtain this update:

  1. Open Acrobat 8.
  2. Select Help > Check For Updates. The 8.1 update will download and install automatically.

Note: There is a known issue with 64-bit versions of Windows which causes the Adobe PDF Printer to not work correctly. Microsoft has released a Hot Fix for this issue which is documented in Microsoft KB Article 930627 on the Microsoft Help and Support site at This Hot Fix is also included in the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) update. Adobe has tested and will support the Adobe PDF Printer with this Hot Fix installed. This Hot Fix is also included in the Vista SP1 update.

Known Limitations and Issues with Acrobat 7 on Windows Vista

Issue: During uninstall the Acrobat 7 installer alerts that Acrotray.exe and Explorer.exe files are in use and must be closed before continuing installation.

Solution: Click ignore during the uninstall to proceed with removing Acrobat 7. You may need to restart your system after you finish uninstalling Acrobat 7.

Issue: Command under Help > Detect and Repair is unavailable as protected Administrator or User.

Solution: Use Detect and Repair feature in Control Panel > Add/Remove programs.

Issue: Right-click contextual menu is not available for PDF conversion.

Solution: Convert file inside Acrobat 7 or original application.

Issue: Web capture button in Internet Explorer 7 is not available in a new tab view.

Solution: Capture site from first tab or use Acrobat 7 to capture site.

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