Feature summary | Animate (April 2020 release)

Learn what's new in the April 2020 release of Animate (version 20.0.3)

User Interface

Make your animation stand out with the new blend modes available in HTML5 Canvas document

Properties panel

Stream audio support for Canvas 

Synchronize audio and animation easily while authoring and publishing HTML5 Canvas document

Video export

Now, specify the duration of the video that you want to export

Performance Stability

Faster canvas publishing and improved stability

New blend modes support in Canvas

With the latest release, you can use Darken, Multiply, Lighten, Screen, Overlay, Hard, Light, and Different blend modes in HTML5 Canvas document besides Add and Normal. Blending allows you to create unique effects by blending the colors in overlapping movie clips.

For more information, see Applying Blend Modes.

Blend mode in HTML5 Canvas
Blend mode in HTML5 Canvas

Stream and split audio support for Canvas

The new version of Animate brings stream and split audio support to HTML5 Canvas documents. Stream Sync sound settings synchronize the audio and animation during authoring and publishing as closely as possible. Now, you can also split the stream audio embedded on the timeline using the Split Audio context menu. Split Audio enables you to pause the audio when necessary and resume the audio from where it was stopped at a later frame on the timeline.

 The feature is available only for sounds used on the main Timeline.

Stream audio option
Stream audio option

Enhanced video export

Animate's enhanced video export brings you back the option of exporting a video for a specific duration independent of the Timeline duration. Also, you can now specify the Start time at which the video export begins and generates the video for specified duration. This way, you can export any portion of your animation as a video.

Time option in export video
Time option in Export Video

Windows Ink (Beta) support

The latest update of Animate introduces Windows Ink (Beta) on Windows, a Tablet Input option that uses the inherent OS capabilities to improve drawing experience. In addition, Windows Ink (Beta) supports more graphic tablets and devices such as surface pro and two-in-one laptops. Go to Edit > Preferences > Drawing to choose the Table Input that best suits your drawing needs.

 The changes in Tablet Input are applied once a document is created or opened after saving the Preference settings.

Application settings
Application settings

Performance and stability

We aim to provide you a stable and a performant product every release.

The new version delivers you up to four times faster canvas publishing and improved Timeline playback performance. Also, the upgrade includes bug fixes to improve application stability. 

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