What's new in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Adobe Premiere Elements 14 ships with new features and enhancements that help you create amazing movies with ease. Read on for a quick introduction to what's new, changed, or deprecated and find quick links to resources offering more information.


Adobe Premiere Elements includes Elements Organizer, which helps you organize your assets. For information about new features in Elements Organizer, see What’s new in Elements Organizer 14.


Single launch point for Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements, and Elements Organizer

 New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

You can now launch your favorite applications from the same screen. The product Welcome screen now includes options to launch all three products - Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements, and Elements Organizer. A link to the trial version is available for any product that is not installed on your computer.

For more information about the Start screen and the Premiere Elements workspace, see Workspace.

Create fun video titles with Motion Titles

 New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

You now have the convenience of using ready-to-use and customizable motion titles to enhance your videos. Motion title templates are preloaded with animated graphics, stylized text, and background styles. Motion Titles are available as customizable templates with popular predefined layouts and components. You save all the time creating elaborate animation and graphics for your titles by simply using the rich templates available to you.

Add a Motion Title and customize it in quick easy-to-follow steps.

For more information, see Motion Titiles.

Export and share your videos

New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Use the new Export & Share panel to easily share your videos. Whatever the format you want to share your finished project in, all are now accesssible from the same panel. And if you are not sure what the most suitable format should be, you can now use the Quick Export option and let Premiere Elements decide the most appropriate format.

Premiere Elements also displays a set of recommended settings according to your input format. You can also watch a preview before you complete the export.

You can save your project for viewing on the web, mobile phone, computer, DVD, and Blu-ray disc, among others.

Everything you need to share your videos, in a single panel.

For more information, see Export and share your videos.

Work in the Audio View

New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

When editing your videos, you may, at times, want to focus on the audio clips in your project. With the new Audio View, editing audio tracks for your clips is easier and more accessible. While your timeline remains intact, you can focus your efforts on enahncing the audio portions of your project.

Focus on editing audio

For more information, see Audio View.

Guided Edits for time remapping and selective coloring

New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Enhance your videos with ease with two new guided edits.

  • Create a slow or fast motion effect
    Use the guided edit for the Time Remapping tool to add dramatic effects to your video.

  • Create videos in black and white with color pop
    Enhance your videos to display in black and white while you selectively retain one or more colors. This guided edit helps you create videos with selective colored elements that pop out in a black and white clip.
Time remapping and selective coloring

For more information, see Time remapping and Selective coloring.

Video Story in Elements Organizer

New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

You now have one more convenient option for creating a video story. With the current product release, it is possible to launch the video story workflow right from the Elements Organizer user interface.

To begin creating your video story from Elements Organizer:

  1. Select the assets you want to use in the video story.
  2. Click Create > Video Story.
    This action launches Premiere Elements. You can then edit and refine your video story, and share it.

Hardware acceleration

New in Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Hardware acceleration is now enabled for rendering, playback, and export on computers that have Intel HD Graphics 2000 and newer. If required, you can choose to disable hardware acceleration.

For more information, see General preferences.

Other enhancements

  • Premiere Elements start screen options: The Premiere Elements start screen now makes it easier for you to initiate popular workflows. The revamped start screen includes three new options to start creating your videos. Hover your mouse over the options to read more about it.

  • Workflow initiation from Quick view timeline: The Quickview timeline includes new invocation points to get you started with your video creation process. Click any one of the invocation points like Drop Title, Record Narration, and Drop Audio Clip, to launch the desired workflows.

  • Auto Analyzer: Auto-Analyzer, in Premiere Elements, automatically detects and tags clips when analyzing media. The preferences for Auto-Analyzer have been moved from Elements Organizer to Premiere Elements.

  • Right-click options for the timeline: For ease of access, the options available when you right-click the timeline, have now been categorized.

  • Scene Detect: The Scene Detect feature has been enhanced to increase the accuracy of scene detection when you capture clips with Premiere Elements.

  • Context-sesitive help: Premiere Elements continues to improve how you learn video editing by including several new invocation points for context-sensitive help. You can now access all the information you need, quickly and effectively.

Removed features

The following features are no longer available in Adobe Premiere Elements 14:

  • The Adaptive Multi-Rate Compression (.amr) audio file format is no longer supported.
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