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Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics: Upgrade Guide

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Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics: Upgrade Guide explains how to upgrade Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics (V 6.0+) to the latest version.


Support for Adobe Sign for Dynamics v 9.3.x has expired as of November 2021.

  • All package versions should be upgraded to the most current version as soon as possible.
  • Access to version 9.3.x and older is scheduled to be fully disconnected in the third quarter of 2022.

Please note that this upgrade requirement is an exception to the normal life cycle for integrations due to the nature of the updates being applied.


Upgrading the Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics solution from any 6.x version or later is a straight forward process of importing the new package, verifying some configuration elements, and then letting the package install. The process from start to finish generally takes under 30 minutes for most administrators.

DO NOT uninstall the existing package.

The upgrade process will update the existing package with the new content in place.

Previous customizations will remain intact and the user experience will be unchanged.

Obtain the current package from the integration hub >


Upgrading the Online package


Due to the updated API calls that enable the 9.3 functionality, customers upgrading their existing Adobe Sign for Dynamics Online solution from a version prior to 9.3 will need to recreate the real-time automatic status updates with Power Automate using the updated Template: Update Dynamics Agreement record on agreement state change in Adobe Sign.

  1. The online version of the package is installed from Microsoft’s AppSource store:

    Access the app

  2. Provide any requested profile information

    • Check the checkbox to give Microsoft permission to use or share account information
    • Click Continue
      • You will be redirected to a new Terms and Privacy page
    One more thing

  3. On the Terms and Privacy page:

    • Select the correct Dynamics environment to apply Adobe Sign to (if you have more than one org)
    • Agree to Microsoft’s Legal Terms and Privacy Statement
    • Agree to the Privacy Statement and Legal Terms for importing packages into Dynamics 365
    • Click the Install button

    If a previous Adobe Sign for Dynamics package is already installed, then the package gets upgraded to the new version.

    Agree to ToC

  4. You are redirected to the Power Platform admin center; the installation starts automatically

    • Installation of the package takes roughly 30 minutes
      • Refresh the page to update the status

Upgrading the On-Premises package

  1. Download the current OnPremise_Deployer from: https://helpx.adobe.com/sign/using/integration-guides.html#Dynamics and save it to your local system.

  2. Extract the downloaded file

    Extract the Deployer

  3. Open the extracted folder and double-click on the PackageDeployer.exe

    Extract the Deployer

  4. In the introduction screen of the Package Deployer tool:

    • Choose Continue
    Splash screen

  5. Connect to Microsoft:

    • Select the appropriate Deployment Type (On-premise)
    • Provide the authentication details to connect to the instance where you want to deploy the package
    • Choose Login
    Auth type

  6. After successful authentication, the Terms of Use for the Adobe Sign package is shown.

    • Review the Terms of Use
    • When done, click Next
    Adobe Sign terms of use

  7. Review the information on Ready to Install screen

    • Choose Next
    Ready to install

  8. After the validation completes successfully, choose Next


  9. The package deployment status and log file can be viewed.

    • After a confirmation message is displayed on successful deployment of the package, click Next
  10. Review the name and information about the package, and choose Finish to exit the Package Deployer tool. The solution is upgraded.


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