The Admin Console is the one-stop shop for administrators to manage their organization's Adobe software and users. It makes license and user management simple. Using the Admin Console, you can even renew your licenses purchased through Teams membership. Renewals provide a consistent and real-time view of license assignments, including who will lose access after the renewal period ends.

The new Admin Console has the following key benefits:

  • View details of products and licenses in the current plan
  • View renewal period
  • Add products
  • Add notes to communicate with your end users
  • Edit payment details (if you have purchased a Teams product from
  • Change the contract owner
  • Edit your team name (if you have purchased a Teams product from
  • View the upcoming bill details (if you have purchased a Teams product from


The Adobe ID used to purchase the Teams membership is designated as the primary admin. You can also add more admins to manage your team. Billing and payment-related notifications are emailed to all administrators.

Add products and licenses

If you purchase the Teams membership through, you can buy more licenses anytime. And, the additional licenses are billed in your next billing cycle.

If you purchase licenses through a reseller, you can add licenses anytime. However, you have to place an order with your reseller within 30 days from your billing anniversary date, to complete the transaction. If you don’t place your purchase order within 30 days, you can't add any more licenses, and your unpaid licenses are deactivated. All additional licenses co-terminate with your original anniversary date.

If you don’t know who the reseller is, contact Customer Support.

To purchase more licenses, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Account.

  2. Click Add Products.

    In the list of products that appears, add licenses to the products available, or add more licenses to the existing products.

    Add Products
  3. To review your order, click Next.

    If you have purchased the membership from a reseller, to allow your Account Manager to match this request with your purchase order, enter the PO Number.

  4. Click Submit Order.

Remove licenses

A license is committed for one year or prorated to the anniversary. Therefore, you must maintain the committed number of licenses until your anniversary date. If you have purchased your Teams membership directly from, you can remove licenses; however, a cancellation fee is charged. To remove licenses, Contact Support.


If you purchased your Teams membership through a reseller, contact the reseller to return or cancel your membership, or remove a license within 14 days of purchase.

Change the contract owner

The contract owner is the primary administrator or the system administrator with access to the contract details and the billing history. If you are the current contract owner and you have purchased the Teams membership through, you can nominate an existing system administrator (secondary administrator) as the contract owner.

There can be only one contract owner at a time. When you nominate another contract owner, the nominee receives a notification email and you become a system administrator. The nominated user must also have the same country settings as yours.

If you are the only system administrator on the team, first, add the user who you want to make the contract owner, as a system administrator.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Account.

  2. Under Plan Details, look for Contract Owner, and click Change.

  3. To nominate the contract owner, select a user in the Change Contract Owner window.

    Change Contract Owner


    If the intended user is not available in the list, click Cancel, and add that user as a system administrator. Then try changing the Contract Owner again.

  4. Click Save.

    A notification email is sent to the nominee.

Edit payment method

If you are the Contract Owner, and you have purchased the Teams membership through, you can edit the payment details via the Admin Console.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Account.

  2. Under Plan Details, look for Payment Method, and click Manage Payment.


    If you have multiple subscriptions linked to the same credit card, all subscriptions are updated when you change credit card information for one of the subscriptions.

  3. Enter the required information and click Save.


    In countries served by Digital River, Adobe's e-commerce partner, you must contact us to reinitiate your payment.

View past bills

If you are the Contract Owner, and you have purchased the Teams membership through, you can view, download, and print your past bills using the Admin Console.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Account > Billing History.

    Billing History
  2. To download the invoice as a PDF, click .

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