Adobe Connect 9.3 Add-in Release Notes


This article applies to Adobe Connect versions that supports Adobe Connect add-in. Starting Nov 2017, Adobe introduced the new Adobe Connect application for desktop that replaces the old Adobe Connect add-in for Adobe Connect version 9.x and later. If you are on Adobe Connect version 8 or earlier, you can continue to use Adobe Connect add-in.

The latest version of Adobe Connect Add-in is 11.9.972.8 for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Adobe Connect Add-in is needed for functionality specific to meeting hosts and presenters on Windows and Mac OS. This is not a forced addin and so users can continue with the previous minimum required versions of Addin (11.9.971.247 for both Windows and Mac) for Adobe Connect 9.3. We, however, recommend it for the fixes as listed below. You will be asked to install the new add-in under the following circumstances:

  • You try to start or join 9.3 meeting for first time and have older version of the Add-in installed.
  • You start screen sharing, application sharing, or share PowerPoint (PPTX format) files, and don’t have the latest version of the Add-in installed.

The new Add-in is based on Flash Player 11.9 and provides better performance and security besides fixing several known issues since the last forced version.  See below for list of fixed issues and manual installation instructions.

The following improvements have been added to Connect 9.3 when using the add-in.

Screen Sharing Control Panel

We are redefining one of the most important workflows in Adobe Connect: Screen Sharing. The aim is to make it easier for presenters to continue engaging with participants and exercise key meeting functions while doing Screen Sharing.

Here’s what you can expect with C9.3:

Preview of windows and applications

The screen sharing option dialog is redesigned to give you visual feedback of the available windows and applications.

It allows you to be sure of what are the current running applications. It also clearly indicates It also  shows a message in the dialog box that only applications approved by an administrator can be shared.

The selected applications and windows are highlighted in this dialog box.

Screen Share Control Panel

Once you start screen sharing, the meeting room gives way to the new Screen Share Control Panel. This panel provides all the tools that the presenter requires to control their meeting without having to end screen sharing or go back to the meeting room.

All these options can be accessed by clicking the individual icons. The panel itself is transparent to a participant. That is, it doesn't cast any shadow on the screen being shared and users see anything underneath it.

Note: This panel position is currently fixed to the lower-right corner of your screen. You can move it by dragging the top bar of the panel

Let’s take a closer look at the available options in the Panel:

Share Area

The first icon is the most useful functionality and shows what exactly is being share with the end user.

It also provides the option to Stop Sharing and return to the full meeting room.

Pause and Annotate

The pause and annotate button allows hosts to pause the ongoing screen share and use various drawing features with the paused screen.

Attendee Control

Access all controls to manage attendees from this option. You can change roles, grant rights, and much more. A fully functional attendee pod, well, almost. 

Chat Control

This option provides users to read and respond to all the chat messages in the meeting room. No more switching back to the meeting room just to check who is responding and what on the chat. This great new feature lets you be interactive during Screen Sharing.

The panel on minimized mode notifies you about any new message received. If you want to read it, click the chat control icon. What’s more, you can receive and respond to both public and private messages from here!

Camera, speaker, and microphone controls

The next three set of options let you control your webcam, Speaker audio, and Microphone audio respectively.

You have a fully functional webcam pod here to start, pause, and stop webcam feeds.

The Speaker and Microphone controls let you change the volume, mute, and unmute your audio I/O devices.

Notification control

This option allows you to manage all your notifications such as allow/reject participants from joining the meeting. It shows all the pending notifications that need your attention.

Revert to full meeting room:

If the presenter needs to go back to the full meeting room to access functionalities not available in the panel, the option is available on the right corner of the panel.

Clicking the icon highlighted below opens up the full meeting room without stopping the screen share.

The presenter can come back to the compact screen sharing mode by clicking the button on the share pod or from the Notification provided in the main meeting room.

Other screen sharing enhancements:

Stepped zoom levels for participants

Users now have more zoom level options available to them than the current binary step. The number of steps available to an individual user depend on their display monitor size.

Instructions for Manual Installation


  1. Click here to download Windows Add-in.
  2. Save the file when prompted; by default, it's saved in the Downloads folder.
  3. Open the Downloads folder and open to extract the package (the package name is setup.exe).
  4. Open setup.exe to launch the installer.
  5. Follow the installer prompts to install the Add-In.

Mac OS

Click here to download the Mac Add-in.

  1. Save the file when prompted; by default, it's saved in the Downloads folder.
  2. Open the Downloads folder and open ac_addin_mac_972.z to extract the package (the package name is adobeconnectaddin-installer.pkg).
  3. Open adobeconnectaddin-installer.pkg to launch the installer.
  4. Follow the installer prompts to install the Add-In.

If you have any questions, contact Adobe using your normal support channels or visit the support page.


Issues fixed in the 11.9.972.8 release:

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Fixed issue where in Multi Monitor setup user was not able to view shared applications which are on second monitor


Fixed issue where MagnaLearn application was not shared properly in Window Share (ScreenShare) for meeting rooms after 9.x.


Fixed issue where USB devices were not recognised when attached after meeting launch


Fixed issue where on Mac, MiniControl could not be used along with Powerpoint slide-show during screen sharing


Fixed issue where users could not share window from Second Monitor


Fixed issue where on Windows, MiniControl for screen sharing overlaps toast message


Fixed issue where on Mac, if pause and annotate is done with MiniControl minimized in the dock, the addin window doesn't open up in maximized state


Fixed issue where on clicking on the toast window, minimized MiniControl opens up


Fixed issue where presenters could not share desktop from Third Monitor


Fixed issue where on Mac string "Select monitor to share applications/windows" is truncated under Applications/Windows tab

Issues fixed in the 11.9.971.247 release:

Issue Tracking Number Issue Description
3728724 Preview of applications show only on hover of mouse
3728739 Addin becomes non-functional after clicking on stop sharing
3728823 Black Listed Application is shared
3729478 "Choose windows to share" tray icon non-functioning
3736691   Two separate screen shares from different individuals makes palette non-functional in Windows
3751921 Add-in crashes randomly on Win 8
3757722 Palette not in front and win8 start screen not shown
3766544 Shortcuts alt+ D or A or W on preview dialog not working
3778191 Add-in Crashes on win 7 when screen share is switched to different monitor
3779427 App whitelisting feature not working
3733856 Addin crashes if Finder is not open while screen sharing
3733873 Making Video Pod full screen and then starting screen share blocks the user from using Addin
3763680 Palette grabber handle not functioning on mac
3766597 Preview of screen share on palette has too much delay on mac when video is shared
3783794 Mac Addin crashes on selecting pause & annotate when many applications is shared
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