Connect VoIP Buffering Adjustment


Need to change VoIP Buffering for Reasons Specified


Choppiness, Drops or Delays Note: Only apply settings with consent from T3.



The API is acl-field-update and there are five fields for various settings

  1. Enabling audio buffering (Boolean). This API call is required to enable audio buffering for an account.

  2. Buffer time for audio buffering (Number in milliseconds). If this API call is not made, a default buffer time would be used by meeting client.

  3. Interactive buffer time (Number in milliseconds). This special buffer time would be used in case number of speakers are 2 or 3. The value of this buffer time should be lower than normal buffer time. This is to make sure interactivity is not impacted due to buffering. If this API call is not made, a default interactive buffer time would be used by meeting client.

  4. Force Silence Level to Zero (Boolean). This API call is required to force zero silence.

  5. Enable Adaptive Buffering (Boolean). There is an issue with buffering (player bug for some particular case) due to which buffer time starts to increase linearly. To solve that we use adaptive buffering to reset the buffer when it starts going out of control. This API call is required to enable adaptive buffering.

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