With the release of Production Premium CS5 in 2010, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects require a 64-bit operating system (OS). Suite versions of Product Premium and Master Collection in the CS5 and CS5.5 versions included a 32-bit support package. This support package installed CS4 versions of these applications to assist users who were transitioning to a 64-bit OS. This package has been removed in the CS6 versions of these suites, but it's available upon request for customers who have other mission-critical programs that require a 32-bit OS. Adobe offers this continued legacy support for a limited time. If you use a 32-bit OS, begin transition plans now.

Installer files

The 32-bit support package is Windows-only and works with a perpetual license. It doesn't work with subscription products or Creative Cloud.

If you currently have the CS4 32-bit installer and serial number, you can deploy without any additional steps.

If you have a CS4 32-bit serial number, but not the installer, you can obtain the install bits at the link below. The installer is the same for both single user and volume licensing configurations.

If you do not have a CS4 32-bit serial number, proceed according to your situation:

I own this product: CS5 or CS5.5 Production Premium or Master Collection CS6 Production Premium or Master Collection
Serial: Single User If you purchased your product from the Adobe store or registered your product, visit Your Account to retrieve a valid serial number. Contact Customer Support.
Serial: Volume License Visit the Adobe Licensing website to retrieve a valid serial number. Contact Customer Support.

Download the 32-bit support package

Click here to download the 32-bit support package.

Uninstall procedure for 32-bit install package

To uninstall the 32-bit support package, use the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool.

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