Seminar room no longer works | Connect 9.1 upgrade

With the upcoming release of Adobe Connect 9.1, there is an important new change in Seminar Rooms. All seminars must be scheduled. This change was implemented to ensure compliance with Adobe licensing requirements.

In Adobe Connect 9.0, only Seminars with 600 or more attendees required scheduling. With Adobe Connect 9.1, all seminars must be scheduled in advance, regardless of size.

Preparation sessions are exempted from this requirement. Up to five preparation sessions can be run simultaneously with up to five participants each, on a single Seminar Room license.

What happens if I forget to schedule my seminar session in advance?

If you forget to schedule your seminar session, your seminar room runs in the stand-by mode. Standby mode allows creating an instant one hour session without going to Adobe Connect Central. However, there cannot be other overlapping seminar sessions during that time.

There is a notification window inside the seminar meeting room to start the instant session.

If you use the instant one hour seminar session, and your seminar runs longer than one hour, you can extend it for up to an additional hour. However, there cannot be overlapping seminar sessions schedule during that time. If your seminar room cannot be extended because of an upcoming scheduled session on your seminar license, you get a 10-minute overrun window to close your session.  Adobe Connect meeting notifies the hosts of this 10-minute window when the session cannot be automatically extended.

Why is my Seminar room in preparation mode and only allowing in ten users?

Your seminar rooms run in stand-by mode when they are run outside the scheduled time. So, you can run preparation sessions or if you failed to schedule the seminar.

Review this FAQ for further information on this change.

How do I schedule back to back seminars?

You can schedule back to back sessions on your seminar license when you use different seminar rooms for such sessions. When using the same seminar room you need to have a 30 minute interval between your seminar sessions. This ensures that your overrunning seminar sessions can get a minimum over run time and your seminar sessions can accommodate early participants to enter. 

Other Seminar changes in Connect 9.1

With 9.1, Adobe introduced the concept of Seminar Sessions. After you upgrade, you use this mechanism to schedule all your seminars if you are not already using the Event Module to schedule your seminars. Watch this video to learn how to schedule Seminar Sessions AFTER your upgrade to 9.1.

Seminars can be scheduled any time in advance, up to the minute before the seminar start time.  However, make sure that you have an active seminar license for the dureation of your seminar.


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