How to convert recording to MP4


Adobe Connect has discontinued this method of MP4 conversion and the interface does not work as described below. For the currently supported method, see this article.

Before getting starting, please be aware of the following:

The administrator will need to enable this feature for your account after purchase

You will need to enable the MakeMP4 option from Administration > Compliance and Control > Recordings and Notice.

  • The MP4 conversion service is a paid service, contact your sales representative or reseller for how to purchase this feature
  • The administrator will need to enable this feature for your account after purchase
  • This feature is not available for On-Premise customers

1. You will need to enable the MakeMp4 option under:
Admnistration> Compliance and Control > Recordigs and Notice.

2. Now browse to the desired recording and select the Make MP4 option from the Actions.

3. Once the Make MP4 is selected, your recording will be queued for conversion to MP4.

4. Connect Administrators can view the conversion queue to check how many recordings are in queue for conversion and how many has been failed. Sucessfull conversions will not be listed here.

5. Once the conversion is completed, you can download the file.

You can also view our quick video tutorial on how to convert recordings to MP4 by clicking here.

For more information, please contact your Adobe Connect sales rep or reseller, or reach out to us at


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