Learn how to select, resize, and rotate objects in Adobe XD.

Select objects

  • Before you modify an object, distinguish it from the objects around it. You do so by selecting the object. Once you’ve selected an object, or a part of an object, you can edit it as required.
  • Click the Selection tool and when the cursor changes to a pointer, click the object or an object group. To select multiple objects, draw a marquee around the objects using the Selection tool, or Shift-click the objects. 
  • To select layers in a group, double-click or Cmd+Click (MAC) or Alt+Click (WIN) on the objects. Repeat the keyboard shortcuts to select the layer beneath the selected object in Z-order. When you reach the base object, use the shortcut to navigate to the top-most object and thus resetting the selection cycle.
  • To select an object without a fill, click its border.

Resize objects

Select the object or the object group, and drag the circular handles. In object groups, you see the circular handles around the bounding box of the group. Drag these handles to resize the object or the object group.

Resize objects
Resize objects

To lock the aspect ratio of objects while resizing, click the lock icon in the Property Inspector. When you do so, the ratio between the width and height of the object is retained on resizing an object.

Lock aspect ratio in the Property Inspector

Rotate objects

Select the object or the object group.

Hover over the circular handles and move the cursor slightly to the outside of the handle to see the rotation cursor (icon).

When you see the rotation cursor, drag the handle in the desired direction to rotate.


In object groups, you see the circular handles around the bounding box of the group.

Rotate objects
Rotate objects

You can use the Shift key to rotate objects in multiples of 45°.

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