If you have purchased stand-alone or bundled plans that have Adobe Sign – Enterprise or Adobe Sign – Business, then you can use the Adobe Admin Console to manage users (and their identities), products, and entitlements associated with the users and products. You can also assign multiple administrators to help manage your organization or the functional behavior of Document Cloud products and services. For example, you can assign a specific feature administrator to manage the behavior of Adobe Sign. For more information, see Manage Administrators.

Getting Started

To administer & configure Adobe Sign features for your organization, a user must be successfully entitled with both system administrator role and Adobe Sign license in Admin Console. This step is necessary to create the first Sign account administrator.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Users.

    The Users page lists the users in your organization.

  2. To view the details for a user, click the user's name.

  3. Ensure that the Product Profile that includes Adobe Sign is listed in the Products section, and the user is a System Administrator.

    User Details
  4. To ensure that the user in included in the Product Profile that includes Adobe Sign, navigate to Products.

    The sidebar displays the list of all Adobe product plans for which you are an administrator.

  5. Select the desired Document Cloud product.

    All the Product Profiles associated with the product are displayed.

  6. To ensure that the Adobe Sign service is enabled on the Product Profile, click Details and check the Included Services.

    Included Services
  7. To view the details of a Product Profile, click its name.

    A list of users included in the Product Profile, is displayed.

  8. Ensure that the user that you require to administer Adobe Sign for your organization, is a part of the list.

Adobe Sign administration access

You can access Adobe Sign administration in two ways:

  • In the Admin Console, navigate to Overview. Click Manage Adobe Sign from the Adobe Sign administration card.

    A new browser tab opens and you are automatically signed in to the Adobe Sign Administration Console.

    Adobe Sign

    In a new browser tab, you are redirected to Adobe Sign Administration.

  • Go to Adobe Sign Administration to sign in with your admin credentials.

Add Adobe Sign administrators

There are two ways to add Adobe Sign administrators.

  1. Entitle the user with Adobe Sign license. Also, grant system administrator privileges to the user as per the steps in Getting Started section.
  2. Use Adobe Sign administration portal and follow the steps given below:
  1. Go to the User List within Adobe Sign which shows a full list of users included in the entitlement for the product.

  2. Select a user and then click Edit User.

  3. Enable or disable the account administrator or product administrator settings.

  4. Click Save.

    Choose Edit user, then click Save

Revoke Adobe Sign administrator rights

If an Adobe Sign administrator received administrative rights via the Adobe Admin Console, you can do one of the following to revoke the Adobe Sign administrator rights for the user.

  • In the Admin Console Users section, remove the Administrator entitlement in Products & permissions panel. Then, also remove the user's Adobe Sign administration rights using the Adobe Sign administration portal. This user can still use Adobe Sign - but does not have Adobe Sign administration rights.
  • In the Admin Console, navigate to Products or Users, remove the user from the product group which includes a Document Cloud for enterprise or Document Cloud for business entitlement. This user cannot use Adobe Sign, and therefore does not have feature administration rights.


If the Adobe Sign administrator received administration rights via the Adobe Sign administration area, you can revoke administration privileges by disabling the account administrator or group administrator user settings.

Transaction Consumption & Reports

You can also purchase Adobe Sign transaction-based offers and manage them via the Admin Console. Transactions include actions like sending an agreement, uploading a document to the library, editing a library document and creating a widget.

To check Adobe Sign transaction consumption and run detailed reports on usage, follow the below steps.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Overview and locate the Adobe Sign card.

    The card shows high-level metrics about licenses or transactions depending on the type of Adobe Sign offer that your organization has purchased. If you have purchased one of the Adobe Sign transaction based offers, then you can find the number of transactions that your organization has purchased in the Adobe Sign card. 

    Adobe Sign card
  2. Click Manage Adobe Sign.

    The Sign web app opens. Log in with your credentials if you aren’t already logged in.

  3. Navigate to Reports and click Create a new report.

    Create new report
  4. To get detailed consumption reports, adjust values for the filters and click Run Report.

    Run Report
  5. A graphical report is shown as per the set filters. You can export the report in CSV format by clicking Export Report Data.


    Some graphs are not available for non-English languages.

    Report Data

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