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Set expiration date from the Manage page

  1. Welcome to Adobe Acrobat Sign Solutions for Government
    1. First steps for new accounts
    2. Claiming an email domains
    3. Connecting Okta to a federated identity solution
    4. Manually create/edit users in Okta
      1. Creating individual users manually
      2. Creating multiple users via CSV import
      3. Add or Remove a group from a user profile
      4. Elevating a user to Account/Privacy administrator status
      5. Changing your Okta password
  2. Configure Acrobat Sign
    1. Configuration Overview
    2. System requirements
    3. Branding
      1. Company and Hostname
      2. Logos
      3. Email header/footer images
    4. User access to features
    5. User experience within the application
      1. Allowed Signature types
      2. Signature order options
      3. Self Signing workflows
    6. Recipient experience when interacting with agreements
    7. Transaction security
    8. Compliance information
      1. GDPR
      2. HIPAA
      3. eVaulting Chattle paper
      4. IVES
  3. Administrator processes
    1. Admin guide overview
    2. Users
      1. Manage users in the Gov CloudCreating users
      2. Add users to a group
      3. Add users to a group (UMG)
      4. Remove a user from group membership (UMG)
      5. Edit individual user properties/permissions
      6. Edit multiple user properties/permissions via CSV
      7. Update users in bulk (Umg enabled)
      8. Inactivating/Reactivating users in the Gov Cloud console
      9. Users in Multiple Groups (UMG)
        1. Overview
        2. Differences in UMG enabled accounts
    3. Groups
      1. Create a group
      2. Delete a group
      3. Modify a group name
      4. Modify group-level settings
    4. Templates
      1. Edit shared templates
      2. Transfer template ownership
    5. Custom workflow designer
      1. Create a custom workflow
    6. Data governance (Automatic agreement deletion)
    7. GDPR deletion processes
      1. Delete a user
      2. Delete agreements
    8. Sandbox
  4. User environment and processes
    1. Environment and Process Overview
    2. Support resources
    3. Transaction limits
    4. Page layouts
      1. Home page
      2. Send page
      3. Manage page
      4. Reports page
    5. Configure your profile
      1. "My Profile" overview
      2. Change your email address
      3. Define your signature
      4. Configure your event and alert notifications
      5. Define your language preferences
      6. Define your personal email footer
      7. Review account sharing
      8. Configure auto delegation
    6. Send agreements
      1. Compose an agreement to send for signature
      2. Recipient signing order
        1. Sequential or parallel signing
        2. Hybrid signing (Both sequential and parallel)
        3. Recipient groups
      3. Written signatures
      4. Send an agreement to yourself only
      5. Send in Bulk
      6. Sending from a template on the Manage page
    7. Sign agreements
      1. Fill and Sign a document
      2. Self Signing
      3. Signing a document from an email link
      4. Sign a document from the Manage page
    8. Manage agreements
      1. Search for agreements
      2. View Agreements
      3. Activity history and Audit Report
      4. Add a note to an agreement
      5. Set a reminder
      6. Cancel a reminder
      7. Add an expiration date
      8. Modify/Delete an expiration date
      9. Modify the files of a sent agreement
      10. Replace the current recipient
      11. Upload a signed agreement
      12. Share an individual agreement
      13. Download an agreement
      14. Download the individual files of an agreement
      15. Download the audit report
      16. Download the signer identity report
      17. Download the field data from an agreement
      18. Cancel an agreement
      19. Hide an agreement from view
  5. Authoring fields onto agreements and templates
    1. Ad hoc authoring during the sending process
      1. New authoring experience
    2. Template authoring in the application
      1. Automatic field detection
    3. Template types
      1. Library templates
      2. Editing library template properties
        1. Data export
        2. Send in Bulk
          1. Activity report
          2. Data export
        3. Web forms
          1. Overview
          2. Create a web form
          3. Edit and existing web forms
          4. Disable/Enable a web form
          5. Hide/Unhide a web form
          6. Find and copy the web form URL or embed code
          7. Use URL parameters to prefill web form fields
    4. Fields
      1. Field Types
      2. Field assignment to recipients
      3. Field Appearance
      4. Field Validation
      5. Conditional field visibility
      6. Calculated fields
    5. Text tags
      1. Text Tag Shortening
      2. Date field calculations
    6. Authoring forms in Acrobat (Acroforms)
  6. Reporting
    1. Create a report with classic reporting
    2. Report charts and data exports
      1. Overview
      2. User permissions for report charts and exports
      3. Data Exports
        1. Create a data export
        2. Open and edit a data export
        3. Refresh the data in an existing export
        4. Download the CSV from a data export
      4. Report Charts
        1. Create a report chart
        2. Open and edit a report chart
      5. Rename a data export/report chart
      6. Duplicate a data export/report chart
      7. Delete a data export/report chart
  7. API
    1. API Swagger documentation
      1. Acrobat Sign SDK
    2. Web hooks
      1. Event payloads
    3. Applications
      1. Cycling the application secret

Establish a deadline for an agreement already in process

If an existing agreement needs to have an expiration date added, the owner of the agreement can define the expiration date on the Manage page.

  1. As the sender of the agreement, navigate to the Manage page

  2. Single-click the agreement that you want to modify.

  3. Click the pencil icon next to the Expiration Date

    Set the expiration date

  4. Click on the calendar icon and set the expiration date.

  5. Click Save.

    The page refreshes to show the new expiration date and a success message is displayed at the top of the window.

    Set expiration date successful

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