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Parametric models | Substance 3D Stager

Parametric models

Parametric models are 3D models that have customizable properties, or parameters, that allow you to modify their 3D structure. Adobe Substance 3D Designer can be used to create parametric models that you can import to Stager. Stager also supports 3D text and shapes which are special parametric models created by Stager's text engine and shape tools.

To import a parametric model

  • Use file > import > 3D model
  • drag and drop a file into the viewport

Parametric model properties

Parametric modes are created in Substance 3D Designer in a node graph. The author of the content in Designer chooses which properties of the model they want to expose for editing. Therefore, each parametric model will have unique properties, defined by the author of the content.

To edit a parametric model

  • Select the model
  • Use properties > object to access the unique properties for that model
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