Adobe has marked certain older versions of some apps as not authorized for use.

Remove unauthorized apps and packages

To ensure that your end-user devices run only authorized versions of apps, you need to remove unauthorized versions and then install or deploy authorized versions. To determine if your users are on unauthorized versions, follow these steps to see if a particular package is deployed.

See the table at the end of this document for a complete list of authorized and unauthorized versions of apps.

Remove all unauthorized versions

Adobe recommends that you download and deploy the OS-specific package to all your end-user computers:


Windows 64-bit

Windows 32-bit

The above package is a specialized package that detects and removes unauthorized versions of apps from computers on which this package is deployed. Download the package for your operating system and then deploy it to the end-user devices.


The uninstall package does not uninstall the following app versions. You are required to uninstall these app versions, manually, from end-user computers:

  • Photoshop 13
  • InDesign 8
  • Premiere Pro 6
  • After Effects 11
  • Animate 12
  • Audition 5
  • Lightroom 5
  • Prelude 1
  • Speedgrade 6
  • Captivate 2017
  • Media Encoder 7 and 6


To ensure that file associations and user preferences on end-user devices are maintained, you must first remove unauthorized versions before you install or deploy authorized versions.

Deploy authorized versions

Based on how you deploy apps in your organization, choose one of the following methods to deploy and install authorized versions:

  • If your end users have installed apps using the Creative Cloud desktop app, these end users must install authorized versions.
  • If you package and deploy products to your end users, go to the Admin console and create new packages containing the authorized versions. Then deploy these packages to the end-user devices.
  • If you are still using serial number licensing, use Creative Cloud Packager to create and deploy new packages containing the authorized versions.

Note: Admin Console, Creative Cloud Packager, and the Creative Cloud Desktop app include only the authorized versions to choose from.

Also, it is recommended that you delete any pre-existing packages containing unauthorized versions to prevent any accidental deployments.

List of authorized and unauthorized versions

If a product is not listed in the table below, all versions continue to be authorized.


Authorized Major Product Versions & all dot releases

Unauthorized Major Product Versions & all dot releases


CC 20, CC 19, CC 18.1.7

CC 18.1.6 and prior, CC 17, CC 16, CC 15, CC 14, 13  


CC 14, CC 13, CC 12, CC 11, CC 10

CC 9, 8  

Premiere Pro

CC 13, CC 12 

CC 11, CC 10, CC 9, CC 8, CC 7, 6 

Media Encoder

CC 13, CC 12 

CC 11, CC 10, CC 9, CC 8, CC 7, 6 

After Effects

CC 16, CC 15 

CC 14, CC 13, CC 12, 11 


CC 19, CC 18 

CC 16, CC 15, CC 14, CC 13, 12 


CC 12, CC 11 

CC 10, CC 9, CC 8, CC 7, CC 6, 5 

Lightroom Classic

CC 8, CC 7, CC 6.14 downloaded after 03/13/2019

CC 6, CC 5, CC4


CC 9, CC 8 

CC 7, CC 6  


CC 8, CC 7 

CC 6, CC 5, CC 4, CC 3, CC 2, 1  


This product has been discontinued.

CC 9, CC 8, CC 7, 6 


Captivate 2019, Captivate 2017 (10.0.1)

Captivate 2017 (10.0.0)

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