What does it mean when you get the "Unable to connect to server" error in the Libraries panel of a Creative Cloud app? Learn what to do in this scenario.

Error "Unable to connect to server"

You get one of the following error messages when accessing the Creative Cloud Libraries:  

  • "Sorry, we couldn't connect to the server."
  • "Unable to connect to server."
Sorry, we couldn't connect to the server.
Unable to connect to server

This issue occurs when there are some missing certificates in Trusted Root. Your browser needs to trust these certificates.

Identify the missing certificates and install them

To fix this issue, you need to identify the missing certificates and install them.

  1. You might receive any of the following generic warnings: "Your connection is not private." or "The site is not secure." If this happens, proceed to the next step.

    Error message for Chrome
  2. Click the lock icon in the address bar or the Show details option to learn about the missing certificates.

    A list of the required certificates appears.

    Click the lock icon
  3. Ensure that all root certificates are present as a trusted root authority. 


    1. Go to Start > Run > certmgr.msc
    2. Ensure that all listed certificates are present in Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Certificates.
    3. Ensure that all listed certificates are present in Intermediate Certificate Authorities > Certificates.


    1. Go to Keychain Access > Certificates.

    2. Double-click a certificate.

    3. Click the Trust disclosure triangle to display the trust policies for the certificate.

    4. To override the trust policies, choose new trust settings from the pop-up menus.


    You might have to export the missing certificates before you install them and add them to Trusted CA root store.

  4. Restart the browser and open the link again to verify if secure connection can be established.

  5. Restart the machine and launch your Creative Cloud app.