Sharing files between Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can access all images in a Photoshop Elements catalog directly from the Elements Organizer workspace of Premiere Elements. You can also add, edit, and manage your images, and then drag them to the Quick view/Expert view timeline of Adobe Premiere Elements for use in your project.

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are designed to work together, whether you purchase the products separately or bundled in one package. These programs seamlessly combine digital photography and video editing, letting you create exciting video projects. The two programs support many of the same file types, which makes the transfer of most files between them easy and efficient. For example, you can catalog PSD files in Photoshop Elements and then add them to the Quick view/Expert view timeline directly from the Elements Organizer in Premiere Elements.

note: The Photoshop Elements Organizer shows clips of audio AVI files with broken video thumbnail icons. However, they play correctly. The Photoshop Elements Editor can import individual video frames from ASF, AVI, MPEG, and Windows Media files. (Choose File > Import > Frame From Video.)

Here are a few ways you can share files between Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements:

  • Organize your photos, video clips, and audio clips in either Premiere Elements or Photoshop Elements. Find the assets using Elements Organizer in either application and add them to a project.

  • Capture video in Premiere Elements and open it from the Elements Organizer and create and edit still images from the video.

  • (Windows only) Create a slideshow in Photoshop Elements 6.0 or later with captions, transitions, effects, music, narration, graphics, and titles. Import the slideshow into Premiere Elements to edit further or burn to DVD. Alternatively, import individual photos into Premiere Elements and create the slideshow there.

    note: The Send To Adobe Premiere Elements command in Photoshop Elements works only when you use Photoshop Elements 6.0 or later with Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 or later.

  • Customize menu templates in Photoshop Elements, and then use them in your Premiere Elements project. (Menu templates are PSD files stored in the Premiere Elements application folder.)

  • Create a Photoshop Elements file with your video project’s settings, enhance it in Photoshop Elements, and then use it in Premiere Elements.

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