Learn how to manage feedback for shared InDesign documents.

As a designer, you can view and manage feedback received from stakeholders within InDesign. The comments you receive are linked to the relevant objects and pages in InDesign. 

Here is handy visual reference on managing stakeholder feedback from InDesign.

Review workflow using windows comment option
Manage feedback comments from within InDesgin

Review Panel

As a designer, you can view comments shared by the reviewers within InDesign. The Review panel displays a spread-wise list of comments with the spread number against each comment.

To view comments in InDesign, click Window > Comments > Review. 

View annotations within InDesign
Review Panel

A. More options: Resolve, Edit or Delete comments B. Online C. Hide/View Annotations D. Filter 
View annotations within InDesign
Review Panel

Review panel launch scenarios

  • The Review panel launches automatically whenever you copy a link or add a reviewer in Share for Review dialog.
  • If the Review panel is closed for a document which triggered it, the panel does not launch again when you copy a link or add a reviewer in the Share for Review dialog. 
     Share for Review dialog remains open when Review panel is launched using triggers like copy a link or add a reviewer.

Reply, resolve, or delete comments

Click each comment in the Review panel and click More options … icon to Reply, Resolve, or Delete individual comments. Click any comment to take you to the relevant area on the InDesign document. 

When you click:

  • A comment: InDesign displays the objects associated with the comment. 
  • An annotation on canvas: InDesign highlights the relevant comment in the Review panel. 
View annotations within InDesign
View annotations within InDesign

Display or hide annotations

Show or hide annotations on the layout by using View button at the lower-right bottom of the panel.

Manage comments

  • Reply to comments
    • Click Reply in the Review panel.
  • Resolve, Edit, or Delete comments
    • Click More Options and select the corresponding option.
      When you delete a comment, all associated replies are deleted permanently. 
  • Reference stakeholders using @ mention
    • When you use @mention to reference stakeholders, they are notified through the Creative Cloud app and email. 
Options to manage comments
Options to manage comments

Manage comments online

Select Go to Review from the context menu.

Options to manage comments
Manage comments on web

Filter comments

Use filter icon to filter comments based on reviewer names, time, or status of comments. 

Filter comments panel
Filter comments panel

Unmark comment as resolved

If comments have been incorrectly marked as resolved, click More Options ... and select Move to Unresolved.

share for review
Move the comment to unresolved

What's next?

We've got you started with managing feedback for shared documents. If you would like to create new reviews, learn how to share and collaborate with InDesign documents.  

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