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Each tool has a shortcut on desktop, and a quick swap tool in VR. These are listed at the beginning of each tools article.

Quick swap allows you to switch between two tools that are commonly used together. For example, the quick swap button with the Clay tool equipped will equip the Erase tool. The Erase tool Quick swap equips the Clay tool. Quick swap is available on desktop and in VR:

  • 💻 Use Tab to switch between quick swap tools.
  • 🥽 Use T2 to switch between quick swap tools.

Most tools are used the same way:

  • 💻 Position the cursor and click to use the tool.
  • 🥽 Position the cursor (the end of the tool hand controller) and use TT use the tool.

The Select tool is the only tool that's a little different in how it's used. Learn the specifics of how to use the Select tool here.

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