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The Color Picker | Substance 3D Modeler

The Color Picker

This page explains what the Color Picker is and how to select colors for your creations. Currently the Color Picker only affects the Clay tool and Paint tool. Other tools cannot change the color of clay in your scene.

Select a color

The top section of the Color Picker allows you to adjust the saturation and value of the current color.

Use the Hue slider to modify the hue of the current color.

The bottom of the Color Picker shows the current color and gives access to the eyedropper. Use the eyedropper to grab colors directly from clay in your scene.

The eyedropper

The eyedropper lets you grab colors from clay that's already in your scene. To use the Eyedropper:

  1. Select the eyedropper.
  2. Hover the cursor over existing clay.
    1. 💻Click to set the color picker to the color of the clay under the cursor.
    2. 🥽 Use TT to set the color picker to the color of the clay under the cursor.

Note that the eyedropper grabs the color of the clay itself, it does not grab the color of the pixel. This means you don't have to worry about how lighting is affecting the clay in your scene to grab the correct color.


💻 There is a known bug where sometimes the eyedropper tool will not update the cursors icon on being selected. You should still be able to click clay in your scene to copy a color.

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