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Smooth tool | Substance 3D Modeler

Smooth tool

💻 Shortcut: Tap D to equip the Smooth tool, or hold D to temporarily switch from your current tool.

🥽 Quick swap: None

The Smooth tool allows you to smooth imperfections on the surface of your clay.

Smooth tool parameters


Modify the size of the brush

Increase or decrease the size of the brush. Very large brush sizes may cause a delay between adding clay and the clay appearing.

Control how strong the smoothing effect is
Strength modifies the intensity of the Smooth effect. This allows you to more finely control how much of an effect the Smooth tool has on your clay.
Toggle pressure sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity allows you to dynamically adjust the strength of the Smooth tool as you draw out your strokes.

  • 🥽 Vary the amount of pressure you apply with TT during your stroke.
  • 💻 Pressure sensitivity works best with a pressure sensitive pen and tablet.
Toggle Lazy stroke With Lazy stroke enabled, the stroke is dragged behind the cursor rather than appearing directly beneath it. This helps create smoother strokes and clean curves.
Toggle Steady stroke Steady stroke takes time to catch up with the cursor. Unlike Lazy stroke, Steady stroke will eventually reach the cursor. This helps create smoother strokes and clean curves.
Change application mode By default the Smooth tool smooths in discreet steps as you draw the stroke out. This means you can stop moving the cursor while still applying the stroke, and the smooth effect will stop. This is movement based smoothing. You can change the mode to Rate based, which instead smooths constantly over time, independent of cursor movement.
When in Movement based mode, adjust distance between discreet smooth tool applications. Spacing is based on the brush size, so 100% spacing means that you need to move the cursor a distance equal to 100% the size of the brush for the next application of the smooth effect. A spacing value of 0% means that you don't need to move the brush in order for the spacing effect to be applied, effectively working as if it's on Rate based mode.
When in Rate based mode, adjust frequency of smooth applications. Rate based mode applies based on a set frequency, independent of brush size. When in Rate based mode, you can use this parameter to adjust the frequency.


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