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2022/05/13 V0.10.2 | Substance 3D Modeler

2022/05/13 V0.10.2

Things (still) to Note:

  • Both VR and Desktop do not have audio right now. We are finalizing some things but that will be coming in a later build
  • Each release build will expire after 60 days. We will have roughly monthly releases so if the build expires please download the latest one. The app will still be changing fast so it will be good to use the latest build anyway.
  • If you have a VR headset, transitioning between desktop and VR should be seamless (just put on your headset!). If you don’t have a VR headset, desktop works by itself.
  • If you use a stylus/tablet, please let us know what you think! We are refining that UX.
  • We currently import and export USD, FBX, OBJ. More formats coming!

Release Notes for 0.10.2:


  • NEW TOOL! The buildup tool has been added.
  • This should help improve the desktop sculpting experience and more closely resemble other desktop sculpting applications.
  • This is the first iteration of the tool so bugs are possible if not likely.
  • Please let us know what changes/improvements you would like to see with this tool.
  • Added Valery Dufour to the Credits (Welcome to the team Valery!)
  • Added shortcuts for Hide/Show all. With an object selected use H to hide it. With no objects selected use shortcut H to show all hidden objects.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for select all (ctrl + a) , deselect all (ctrl + shift a), and invert selection (ctrl + i).
  • Added an outline to the gizmo brush.
  • Added an option to the File menu to re-open the Welcome window.
  • Added a survey to the Welcome menu.
  • Added a title to the Export window.
  • Improved pen pressure support.
  • Added a dedicated “Make Link” button to the Action menu.
  • In VR, try out the new two-handed interaction to place the "muscle" primitive while using clay tool


  • Various tweaks and improvements to audio. Selection and deselection now have accompanying audio.
  • Select tool object duplication has changed. Instead of two buttons, there is now a switch to toggle whether duplicates should be linked or not. Information on how to duplicate objects is available here.
  • Updated about page text
  • In VR, it’s now possible to modify layer resolution while creating the layer – add a new layer and use the +/- buttons in the action menu to adjust resolution before placing it.
  • Changes to button layout and sizing in the action menu so that more commonly used actions have larger buttons. Boolean buttons have been rearranged.
  • Updated tooltip text and visuals across the app (some tooltips are missing in the action menu, these will be added next release).
  • Adjusted the size of the preferences menu to be more reasonable.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Changed the order of the “Optimize for” menu when exporting as UV-mapped Triangles.
  • Improved button text formatting and fixed some capitalization issues.
  • Tooltips now appear sooner on hover.
  • Tweaks to the UI layout system may have resulted in subtle changes.
  • USD imports now support vertex colors.
  • Added feedback to the crash report window to show that the submission has started.
  • The radial repetition icon now follows the camera instead of being static.
  • Angle snapping now works in 45° increments.
  • In surface placement mode the brush is now hidden during camera movement.
  • Undo/redo of resolution changes should now show the resolution visualization.
  • The Select tool’s Selection Actions have been cleaned up.
  • Updated the Muscle/Wubble brush to “Spline”.


  • We are now limiting framerate on desktop to 120hz, or your monitor refresh rate, whatever is higher
  • Fixed a memory leak that caused Modeler to crash while idle.
  • Hidden objects should no longer be unselected by clicking in the scene.
  • The brush should no longer disappear when the menu is open.
  • Fixed an issue where rendering failed to initialize without displaying an error.
  • When switching between surface and gizmo mode, the gizmo should now appear at the last modified location instead of the origin.
  • Various fixes to the Color picker in VR.
  • Fixes for gizmo positioning bugs on desktop and VR.
  • Fixed the delete hotkey (works now)
  • Fixed some issues with pen (Pen middle mouse button). We are still refining this overall.
  • Improved rendering of various visualizations such as resolution or brush intersections for high resolution displays.
  • New layers now inherit resolution and mirror settings when created from within a layer.
  • Fixes for various bugs when creating new layers.
  • Tools no longer work through the action menu or palette.
  • Tool settings should now appear more reliably.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a layer from within a linked layer would result in the new layer not being linked.
  • Improved support of multi-mesh export with auto-generated UVs.
  • Improved error messages for exports with auto-generated UVs. Additionally fixed a bug where failure to generate UVs could crash Modeler.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting as OBJ would sometimes ignore some layers.
  • Improved USD support, and added USDA support.
  • Added support for UVs, normals, and colors
  • Modeler should no longer spam you with warnings or errors on cancelling a model import.
  • Fixed an Out of memory crash on minimizing Modeler.
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