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Elastic tool

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Use the Elastic tool to drag, twist, and stretch clay. Unlike the Warp tool, the Elastic tool attempts to maintain clay volume. This results in a different effect, and using the Elastic tool makes clay feel as if it has the consistency of gum.

The Elastic tool is particularly powerful in VR due to the 6 degrees of freedom (6dof) afforded by VR controllers. However desktop controls often allow more precise control, so whether you use the Elastic tool on desktop or in VR depends on your particular needs.

The Elastic tool belongs to the Warp tool gallery. With the Elastic tool selected, other tools in the Warp tool gallery are available in the Palette, such as the Warp tool.

Elastic tool parameters


Modify the size of the brush

Increase or decrease the size of the brush. Very large brush sizes may cause a delay between drawing the stroke and clay being updated.

Control the amplitude of Elastic tool strokes Strength modifies the impact of the Elastic tool. A low strength value can be useful for finer control, while a high strength value causes clay to follow the cursor more closely.
Change the physical attributes of the clay.
Compressibility changes how much the clay tries to preserve volume while using the Elastic tool. Increasing compressibility reduces volume preservation - it's possible to squeeze or stretch the clay a little more, while decreasing compressibility increases volume preservation


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