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2022/08/02 V0.17.0 | Substance 3D Modeler

2022/08/02 V0.17.0


  • If an imported mesh has a material, the material will be displayed on import. Mesh material colors are not currently converted to clay color when the object is converted to clay.
  • Added Help menu to the top bar
    • Use this to quickly access tutorials, documentation, community, and other useful links.
  • Added a menu for mesh imports that allows you to select up-axis.
  • Added a fullscreen option.
    • Use View > Toggle Fullscreen


  • Low level work in preparation for OpenXR
  • Laying the groundwork for stamps and other large changes.
  • Changed AVX requirements – a few releases ago we increased AVX requirements from AVX to AVX2, but this caused issues for some users. We have reverted to only requiring AVX again.
  • Changes to Welcome window layout
  • Updated and added some translations


  • Import and Export UI refinements.
  • Vertex color import.
  • FBX and OBJ import/export fixes.
  • Added missing tooltips.
  • Tooltips no longer run offscreen.
  • Fixes to how we display UI icons while in VR.
  • Moved toasts (notifications when tasks are in progress) so that they no longer block the Apply button on - Desktop.
  • Empty groups with no layers no longer export
  • Fixed crash on export issue.
  • Various backend and performance improvements.
  • Improved export progress bar accuracy.
  • Fixed hotkeys for import and export
    • Use Ctrl + Shift + M to import a mesh
    • Use Ctrl + Shift + E to export your scene
  • Audio fixes (not enabled yet)
  • Some menu label fixes
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