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Inflate tool | Substance 3D Modeler

Inflate tool

💻 Shortcut: I

🥽 Quick swap: Switch between adding and removing clay.

Use the Inflate tool to build up or carve away from the clay surface.

Inflate tool parameters


Brush shape
Change the shape of the brush Different brush shapes can help create different effects.


Modify the scale of the brush

Increase or decrease the size of the brush. Very large brush sizes may cause a delay between drawing the stroke and clay being updated.

Adjust the falloff Modify the strength of the Inflate effect near the edges of the brush. 
Control the amplitude of the Inflate effect

Strength modifies the amount of clay removed by the tool on each pass.

Falloff curve
Select a falloff alpha Falloff alphas work with the hardness value to change how the Inflate tool adds or removes clay near the edge of the brush.
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