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2022/06/22 V0.14.1 | Substance 3D Modeler

2022/06/22 V0.14.1

Things (still) to Note:

  • Both VR and Desktop do not have audio right now. We are finalizing some things but that will be coming in a later build
  • Each release build will expire after 60 days. We will have roughly monthly releases so if the build expires please download the latest one. The app will still be changing fast so it will be good to use the latest build anyway.
  • If you have a VR headset, transitioning between desktop and VR should be seamless (just put on your headset!). If you don’t have a VR headset, desktop works by itself.
  • If you use a stylus/tablet, please let us know what you think! We are refining that UX.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • Radial symmetry can significantly slow down clay updates.
  • There are some clay corruption issues when working directly along an axis. This is most noticeable while using the gizmo with shapes like the cube.

Release notes for 0.14.1


    • Crease tool – carve creases into your clay. Find Crease under the Buildup tool. This tool is still fairly rudimentary, expect improvements in future.
    • Split tool – cut pieces from an existing layer into a new layer. Also good for creating creases and seams. Find the Split tool under the Erase tool.
    • Crop tool – delete everything in a layer except what is covered by the brush. Find the Crop tool under the Erase tool.
  • Added scene importing! You can now import Modeler scenes to your current scene.
  • Selection is now part of the undo stack! This should help make working with the Select tool feel much smoother.
  • Changes to scoping:
    • Scoping has been unified with Selection. You can now select layers or groups and the tools will operate on just the selected objects. To enter groups you can double click on them on desktop, or move the joystick up in VR (like scoping before). To exit groups, you can double click empty space or move the joystick down.
    • We are moving away from “scoping” vocabulary and trying to make traversing the hierarchy feel more intuitive.
    • Please let us know your thoughts on these changes!
  • Various USD improvements:
    • Improved support for vertex color importing.
  • Added various keyboard shortcuts:
    • Use B to quickly change to the Buildup tool on desktop.
    • Use ctrl + = to increase resolution.
    • Use ctrl + – to decrease resolution.
    • Alt + f now focuses the camera on clay under the cursor, and moves the camera pivot to the focal point.
  • Autosave has been added and is enabled by default – this feature can be disabled under Preferences > General if it causes issues.
  • GLB files can now be imported and exported.
  • Buttons have been added to the Select tool to Select all, Deselect all, and Invert selection.


  • On import if meshes don’t have vertex colors, they will now default to Adobe Red (standard clay color) instead of white.
  • The default clay brush shape is now a cube.
  • Ctrl + e is now a shortcut for merge, instead of a shortcut for export.
    • The Export shortcut has been changed to ctrl + shift + e
  • Improvements to behavior of various brush primitives, including how chamfer, fillet, and taper work with each other.
  • If you are in a layer when you switch to the Select tool with a shortcut, you will now automatically be scoped out.
  • Linking options in the Action menu have been moved to their own line.
  • The Gizmo now only acts as the focal point of the camera if it’s the last thing you touched.
  • The camera pivot color has been changed.
  • Improvements to how we handle pen input.
  • The way the FBX exporter works behind the scenes has been improved.
  • Visuals for mirror symmetry and mirror repetition now consider the size of the objects they’re being applied to.
  • The Scope bar’s appearance has been updated and should now show the path to any groups you scope into.
  • The Clay brush appearance changes on hovering over the Apply button.
  • Export menu settings should now be saved between exports.
  • OBJ export now allows you to select which direction is up.


  • Fixed a bug where hovering over a Gizmo handle could cause issues.
  • Various fixes to camera movement on desktop, especially for tablet users.
  • The delete key should work more reliably to delete scene objects.
  • Fixed issue where the Warp tool wouldn’t scale correctly along strokes.
  • Fix for an issue with two handed quicktuning with the Spline brush.
  • Various fixes and performance improvements.
  • A small delay has been added to gizmo handles so that they are not immediately interactable on appearing. This should make it easier to double click to scope into objects.
  • Mouse wheel zooming should work more reliably.
  • The Action menu should now always appear fully on screen, instead of being partially when opened near the edge of the viewport.
  • Undoing the first action in a new layer will no longer undo the layer creation as well.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking to deselect an object would not be added to the undo stack.
  • Fixed some missing and incorrect tooltips.
  • Various cleanup and code improvements to the paint tool.
  • Turned on brush outline visuals for all placement modes (previously only Gizmo placement outlined the brush).
  • Fixed various UI bugs.
  • Fix for Warp tool hardness and scaling issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the Action menu would still be active even when closed.
  • Improvements to how new layer origins are determined.
  • In VR, the Palette now stays open while you are selecting an option, even if you release the Palette button. This should decrease the number of missed trigger pulls when interacting with the Palette.


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