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Advanced scene assembly

Scope and scene objects are the foundation of Modelers scene assembly tools, but the more advanced features are where scene assembly really shines.

If you're new to Modeler it's a good idea to learn about scope here.

The following functions are considered to be part of Modeler's advanced assembly tools:

  • Instances
    • Linked scene objects always match each other. Make a change to one linked object, and all the others will be updated in the same way. This is useful when shapes appear often in a sculpt such as screws or scales, since you only need to update one instance to update all the others instantly.
    • The only thing linked objects don't share is their transform, so you can move or scale a linked object without impacting the objects it's connected to.
  • Symmetry and Repetition
    • Use mirror symmetry to create symmetric sculpts across a central plane.
    • Use radial symmetry to create interesting circular patterns or repeat complex shapes.
  • Booleans
    • Booleans allow you to perform boolean operations across layers. This means that you can use one layer to cut away at another layer, or quickly stamp many instances of one layer inside another layer.

Yan Hao made use of all of the advanced scene assembly features to create this market scene.

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