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The Bottom bar | Substance 3D Modeler

The Bottom bar

The Bottom bar shows your current focus and holds some commonly used actions.

You can learn more about focus and how to navigate the Modeler scene hierarchy here.


The left side of the bottom bar shows your current focus in the Scene.

In the image above, the current focus is group 3. In this case, Group 3 is a child of Group 2, which is a child of the World group. It's possible to scope out from this point by clicking Group 2, or World to make them your focus.

Select a Placement mode

The Placement section has options to change your Placement mode. Placement mode determines how the tool applies its effects within the scene.

The following Placement modes are available in Modeler:

  • Free placement (VR only)
  • Gizmo placement
  • Surface placement

More information on Placement modes is available here.


Set the orientation of the gizmo. These controls are only visible while Gizmo placement mode is selected.

From left to right:

  • Local space
  • Parent space
  • Global space

More information about Gizmo orientation options is available under Placement modes.


The right side of the Bottom bar holds a number of commonly used actions.

  • Create a new layer.
  • Duplicate selected objects.
  • Flip selected objects.
  • Copy, Cut, and Paste selected objects.
  • Group selected objects.
  • Ungroup selected objects.
  • Merge selected objects.
  • Increase the resolution of the current layer or selected objects.
  • Decrease the resolution of the current layer or selected objects.

More information on these actions is available here.


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