The Your Work section of Creative Cloud lets you share public links to the following types of assets: Files, Folders, Libraries, Library elements, Mobile creations, and XD prototypes & specifications.

By sharing public links, you can gather quick feedback on assets and work more efficiently with others. When you share a link with someone, they can view a high fidelity preview of the assets directly in the web browser without having to install Creative Cloud apps or sign in to the website. In addition to viewing the assets, they can write comments or download a copy of the files (if you permit them to do so).

Public sharing of assets ensures that you retain complete control over your content. Recipients get read-only access to your assets, which means they cannot upload, update, or delete them. The shared assets are accessed using a unique short URL that you can copy/paste to send. At any time, you can turn the URL off to revoke access.

While sharing libraries and library assets, you can also choose to let other users follow them. Whenever you update the library or the library asset, followers automatically get the updates across all supported Creative Cloud apps.

To collaborate with co-workers (share assets with different levels of access permissions), see Collaborate with others.

Share a file or folder

  1. On the Your Work section of Creative Cloud page, do one of the following:

    • Select a file or folder to share.
    • Open a file.
  2. Click the Share icon (). If you've selected a folder, choose Get Link To Folder from the drop-down list.

    Get a link to share your asset
  3. In the Link Settings section, the following options are enabled by default:

    • Allow Download Allows link recipients to download a copy of the file.
    • Allow Commenting Allows link recipients to add comments to the file.
    • Allow Save To Creative Cloud Allows link recipients to save the file to their Creative Cloud account.

    Optionally, you can choose to disable the options.

    Change Link Settings
  4. Click Copy Link and share it via email or phone. 

    Clicking the short URL opens the shared file or folder in a web browser. Recipients don't have to be Creative Cloud members to view or access publicly shared files and folders.


If you have View-only permissions on a shared private folder, you cannot create or share a public link to it. However, you can send out links to public folders. Later, if the owner decides to make the folder private, the link you shared earlier becomes inaccessible.

Share libraries, library assets, and mobile creations

Share libraries

Let's see how you can share a library through a public link:

  1. Log in to Your Work.

  2. Once logged in, in the left pane, click Libraries.

  3. Expand the context menu for the library that you want to share. Click Send Link.

    Generate a read-only public link for the library
    The Send Link option in Libraries
  4. In the Send Link dialog, toggle the Private/Public switch. More options to control the sharing of public libraries appear.

    Send link for Libraries
    The Private/Public switch
    Sharing options for the library
    Sharing options for the library
  5. If necessary, deselect the following options that are enabled by default.

    Allow Follow

    When this option is enabled, anyone who has the URL of the library can follow it. Whenever you update the contents of the library, followers automatically get the updates across all supported Creative Cloud apps.

    Allow Save

    When this option is enabled, other users can copy the library in its current state to their Creative Cloud account and edit the assets. However, they do not receive any subsequent updates to the library.

  6. Optionally, enter a description for the library.

  7. Click Save. Creative Cloud sends out the public link and recipients receive email invitations to view the asset.

Share library assets and mobile creations

You can also share individual library assets and mobile creations in much the same way. For example, here’s how you share an Adobe Stock image added as an asset to a Creative Cloud library:

Adobe Stock template added as a library asset
Share an Adobe Stock template added as a library asset


The Allow Follow functionality is not currently supported for mobile creations.

View an asset shared with you

You can do the following with the assets shared with you:

  • Save shared assets to your Creative Cloud account.
  • Download the file to your device if the sender has enabled download.
  • View a full-screen preview of the shared file.
  • Add and send your comments.
View, comment, save, or download the asset shared with you
View, comment, save, or download the asset shared with you

View and share prototypes and design specs

Prototypes you create and share using Adobe XD are listed under Prototypes & Specs in your assets. Click the file to view and comment. 

Prototypes & Specs

To share the prototype file, click the Options menu (...) for the file, choose Copy Link, and then send it to recipients.

View prototypes and design specs shared with you (BETA)

The prototypes and design specs received for review are shown in the Shared With You BETA section in Your Work.

Shared with you


You see only the shared folders if no prototypes or designs specs are shared with you.

To view only the prototype files, click the Show drop-down list and then choose Prototypes & Specs.

View prototypes shared with you


Shared with You is currently a Beta feature. For more information, see Shared with You (BETA).

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