Version-specific release notes

Version released on 10/11/2019 (mandatory release)

  • Richer experience to intuitively access your apps, update them, and discover other apps that complement or extend your creativity. 

  • New app pages to discover all the desktop, mobile, and web apps of Creative Cloud and access learning and community content. 

  • Ability to manage and share your Creative Cloud libraries in a new larger canvas.

  • Built-in search engine to find learning content, Adobe Stock assets, apps, forum posts and creative assets.

  • Advanced auto-update capabilities from the new Preferences panel.

Version released on 07/22/2019 (mandatory release)

  • Improved experience to access older versions of Creative Cloud applications.
  • Improved messaging and authentication options for Enterprise users.
  • Bug fixes and technical enhancements to improve performance and installation experience. 

Version released on 05/27/2019 (mandatory release)

  • We’ve made experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 03/12/2019 (mandatory release)

  • We’ve made experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 02/09/2019 (mandatory release)

  • Simplified and improved menu navigation in Creative Cloud desktop app.
  • Bug fixes and technical enhancements to improve installation experience and support.

Version released on 09/24/2018 (mandatory release)

  • New auto-update feature for Creative Cloud apps. You will see the auto-update option for your Creative Cloud apps when the new updates are released for the apps.
  • Improvements in user interface for differentiating multiple versions of an app installed on the system.
  • Bug fixes and technical enhancements to improve installation experience and support.

Version released on 08/28/2018 (web release)

  • We’ve made security fixes in installation and update workflows.

Version released on 07/09/2018 (mandatory release)

  • Bug fixes and technical enhancements to improve installation experience and support.


Once the Creative Cloud desktop app is updated, you will be signed out and will need to sign-in again.

Version released on 04/27/2018 (mandatory release)

  • Improvements in update experience for Creative Cloud.
  • Bug fixes and technical enhancements to improve performance and error logging.

Version released on 02/20/2018 (mandatory release)

  • We've made technical and experience improvements in installation and update workflows.

Version released on 02/06/2018 (mandatory release)

  • New improved notification panel: The Home tab has been removed, and notifications, which were part of that tab, can now be accessed using the new bell icon, next to the profile menu. The new notification panel has been fully redesigned and now offers a fresh look consistent with other notification interfaces. For more information, see Creative Cloud desktop app notifications.
  • Other bug fixes and technical enhancements.

Version released on 09/26/2017 (mandatory release)

  • Simplified Apps panel with apps arranged in two categories: My Apps & Services, and Trial Apps.
  • My Apps & Services section now displays the apps and services you are entitled to, based on your current plan (or plans) with Adobe.
  • New menu-enabled button next to an application lets you easily discover options available for that specific application like install, open, update, upgrade, view tutorials, what's new, learn more, and uninstall to help you manage your applications more efficiently.
  • Multiple versions of an application are now nested together with a toggle that allows you to launch, update, or delete the apps individually.
  • Easily switch between All Apps and Installed Apps view.

Version released on 07/31/2017 (mandatory release)

  • We've made technical and experience improvements in installation and update workflows.

Version released on 06/07/2017

  • We've introduced the Profile menu for providing easy access to your account.
  • We've made other experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 04/03/2017

  • To ensure that you do not miss any notification, Creative Cloud desktop app displays all notifications through the notification area of the Operating System, when your machine is in active state.
  • We've made other experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 12/14/2016

  • We've made experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 10/28/2016

  • Fixed an issue with Creative Cloud Sync on Mac OS where already synced files were getting synced again.

Version released on 10/23/2016

  • We've made experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 08/30/2016

  • To ensure that you do not miss any notification, Creative Cloud desktop app displays a red badge whenever you receive new notifications on the desktop. Click the app icon to launch Creative Cloud desktop app and view all notifications under the ‘Home’ tab. For more information, see Creative Cloud desktop app notification badge.
  • This release of Creative Cloud desktop app will be the last version supported on Mac OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8, and will not receive any further updates and security fixes on these operating systems. If you are on these operating systems, we strongly recommend to upgrade your OS so that you continue to have access to the latest versions of Creative Cloud desktop app.
  • We've made experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 07/20/2016

  • We've made experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version released on 06/13/2016

  • Notification for limited access to Adobe apps or services and help for fixing the issue.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version released on 04/12/2016

  • We've made performance improvements and bug fixes related to user experience and reliability.
  • Acrobat DC download and installation is enhanced to support already-installed versions of Acrobat.

Version released on 2/14/2016

  • Fixed an issue in the Creative Cloud for desktop app for Mac where in some scenarios the application may incorrectly remove files with user writeable permissions from the system root directory.

Version released on 2/11/2016

  • A new Manage Account menu option allows you to access and manage your Adobe account easily.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version released on 12/21/2015

  • A bug that caused Creative Cloud for desktop to crash on launch was fixed.

This update is not installed automatically. You can download it from

Version released on 12/11/2015

  • A bug in Creative Cloud processes was fixed to address a 100% CPU usage on Mac OS.

Version released on 11/26/2015

  • A new Check for App Updates menu option retrieves the latest updates for your Creative Cloud applications without waiting to refresh Creative Cloud for desktop.
  • We've made performance improvements and bug fixes related to user experience.

Version released on 9/24/2015

  • This update brings in significant improvements in the installation experience:
    • Processes that conflict with the installation of products are shown before the download starts. What's more, the notifications about the conflicting processes are much more helpful.
    • Acrobat DC download and installation is enhanced to support already-installed versions of Acrobat.
  • If you change your subscription, the Creative Cloud desktop app now displays your current entitlement status for each app.
  • HiDPI support on Windows is added.
  • Adobe Software integrity Service is integrated in this update.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version released on 7/27/2015

  • The Creative Cloud desktop app is now compatible with Windows 10. Note the following: 
    • Customers with Microsoft Enterprise Data Protection should use the CCE Public Encryption feature.
    • Windows customers who are missing notification icons after updating can resolve the issue by restarting their system.
  • An auto-update error was fixed. 
  • Additional bug fixes have improved the overall app experience.

Version released on 7/7/2015

  • Creative Cloud desktop app no longer pops up in the middle of your workflow.
  • The Exchange plugin will now correctly install Adobe Add-ons.
  • Additional bug fixes have improved overall experience.

Version released on 6/14/2015 and updated on 6/15/2015

  • The latest 2015 releases of Creative Cloud applications are now available.
  • Creative Cloud for desktop now preserves preferences and settings when you install updates — and you can remove, keep or install current and previous releases of your applications.
  • A new Adobe Stock panel has been added, giving you access to millions of high-quality, royalty-free photos and graphics.
  • Individual panels, including the desktop applications panel, load even faster.
  • We’ve made error messaging more self-evident.
  • Bug fixes have improved overall experience.

Version released on 5/7/2015

  • Reduced update log file size
  • Performance improvements

Version was released on 4/21/2015

  • We’ve made performance improvements and bug fixes related to user experience.

Version was released on 4/02/2015

  • Creative Cloud for enterprise customers can now access Adobe Experience Manager Assets (Marketing Cloud) from within the Creative Cloud desktop app.
  • We’ve made performance improvements and bug fixes related to accessibility, licensing, and more.
  • This update is now mandatory for all customers.

Version released on 1/13/2015

  • The Creative Cloud desktop manager app detects and downloads updates, automatically. Uncheck the box to turn it off. (Applies to only the Desktop Manager app.)
  • Sync Files and Fonts faster and seamlessly—even when switching between Internet connections.
  • The Typekit font service now defaults to “on”, so your fonts sync easily and automatically without having to set Preferences.
  • We’ve decreased average load time for the Apps panel so you can get to work faster.
  • Employees can sign in conveniently and securely using their company’s identity management system and an Enterprise ID. (Applies to Creative Cloud for enterprise customers.)

To see what’s new in the October 6, 2014 updates to Creative Cloud, visit the Creative Cloud site.

Version released on 10/6/2014

  • Quickly launch apps with one click—and safely uninstall apps—from one central place in the Apps panel.
  • Save battery life via improved app efficiency.
  • Save Creative Cloud Market assets into our new multi-application Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Search Creative Cloud Market using Japanese keywords.[1]
  • Take advantage of OS X Yosemite compatibility.
  • Troubleshoot file sync issues via more specific error messages.
  • Mask services in the desktop app that aren’t available to your users (applicable for Creative Cloud for enterprise customers).

[1] Japanese version only

Version released on 7/24/2014

  • Reduced unnecessary internet requests during file sync failures.
  • Fixed issue where paid members were seeing "Try" instead of "Install" when running for more than 24 hours.

Version released on 7/3/2014

  • Introducing Creative Cloud Market — a selection of useful content licensed for paid Creative Cloud members, including vector objects, icons, patterns, and placement images.
  • Restructured navigation with Fonts and Files now under the new Assets tab.
  • Apps panel updates for simplified experience around Creative Cloud apps installation.
  • File sync now turned on by default.
  • Performance and stability improvements for file sync and collaboration, including the ability to manage separate identities on a single desktop.
  • Latest build of Lightroom is now available to free members.
  • Removed repetitive OS notifications that require admin privileges for Add Ons.
  • ​Increased number of files supported in a given file sync folder.
  • Improved error handling to show multiple OS notifications of file sync errors as a single notification.
  • Fixed errors for pending file and font sync operations when quitting application.
  • Eliminate erroneous file sync of .tmp files, including Adobe After Effects CC temporary files.
  • Quicker file sync response to going back online after being offline on Mac.
  • Improved error handling of virus infected files for file sync.​

Version released on 05/27/2014

  • You can now install older versions of Adobe products straight from Creative Cloud Desktop. These are installed side-by-side with existing versions.
  • Improved performance when syncing a large number of files.
  • Fixed scenarios where font sync would show perpetual spinner.
  • Improved overall font sync stability.
  • Improved error handling for file sync, including the addition of notifications when retrying can resolve an error.
  • Batched notifications of file sync operations, limiting the number of notifications when a large number of files are synced in a short period of time.
  • Redesigned Sign In experience.
  • Increased types of enterprise identities accepted for licensing products.

Version released on 3/21/2014

  • Fixed a bug in Creative Cloud desktop application install process on 64-bit Windows systems that resulted in a missing msvcp110.dll error message when launching some Creative Cloud products.

Version released on 3/19/2014

  • Fixed multiple Creative Cloud desktop app download failures.
  • Updated installation error messages for better comprehension.
  • Usability improvements to the Creative Cloud desktop app update workflow, including the ability to defer non-critical updates. You can also see what is included in an update before you install it. This version deploys these improvements, which will then appear for all future Creative Cloud desktop app updates.
  • Made minor usability improvements for product update workflows and Home panel notifications.
  • Improved reliability for file synchronization, including the ability to cancel upload or download operations until synchronization is complete. Also includes elimination of known memory leaks.
  • Improved file synchronization error handling for full local disk drives and locked files.
  • Implemented minor security enhancements.

Version released on 2/12/2014

  • Fixed bug for non-administrator Mac OS X users that resulted in termination of various applications. Bridge CC, Edge Inspect CC, Adobe Media Encoder and Scout CC terminated upon launch. Premiere Pro CC terminated upon export of file.
  • Correctly set access privileges on "~/Library/Preferences/Adobe" folder on Mac OS X so that the current user has read/write access.

Version released on 2/03/2014

  • Enabled access to already synchronized Typekit fonts after going offline.
  • Improved performance and reliability of file synchronization.
  • Improved error handling when file synchronization fails.
  • Fixed links to tutorials in unsupported languages so that users are directed to English version of tutorials.

Version released on 12/19/2013

  • Improved performance of Typekit Font Sync
  • Enable/disable font sync in the Preferences Pane
  • Install latest feature updates at initial install time for free Creative Cloud members
  • Support for product names requiring two or more lines of text in the Apps panel
  • Links to product tutorials for Creative Cloud Apps in the Home and Apps panel
  • Eliminate ACC install time conflicts with CEPServiceManager so that ACC updates and installs are more likely to succeed.
  • Fixes to the install workflow when launched from Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1.
  • Fixes to the file synchronization workflow, including fixes for iWorks application crashes and crashes on the Mavericks OS.

Version released on 11/6/2013

  • Bug fixes for critical licensing failures
  • Windows 8.1 critical compatibility fix

Version released on 10/28/2013

  • Much higher reliability for file and font synchronization through improved handling of sign in tokens across panels.
  • Paid users get the latest update of a product applied when first installing the product.
  • Trial users have access to updates with features in them.
  • Compatibility fixes for Windows 8.1
  • Ability to minimize ACC while in Window mode.
  • Ability to download and install Lightroom 5.2 in previously unavailable locales.
  • Fixed cases where Home panel spinner remained spinning indefinitely and CPU utilization was high resulting from having no notifications.
  • Performance improvements in loading Behance panel.
  • Improved error handling in multiple areas when the sign in credential's device token expires.
  • Fixed errors when synchronizing Adelle Sans Italic font.
  • Fixed case where font panel spinner remained spinning indefinitely due to turning on and off font sync while synchronizing a font.
  • Windows 8.1 fix to properly restart Explorer after installing ACC.
  • Fixed ACC install problems resulting from earlier version (AAM) update notification process running.
  • Allow internet connection with Windows systems using a PAC file for automatic proxy configuration.
  • Fixed case where illegal characters in a synchronized file name resulted in user being taken to incorrect cloud location.
  • Fixed cases where product is shown as up to date after an update installation fails.
  • Fixed translation problems in multiple languages by moving to newest Adobe Clean font.
  • Fixed cases where error icon is displayed on the task bar when signed out after font synchronization error.
  • Fixed incorrect version number in Mac's About dialog.
  • Include link to customer support URL for system errors.

Version released on 9/4/2013

  • Fixed errors during install of Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application due to OS locks on installer backup folders.
  • Improvements to the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application's install workflow, including performance optimizations and better handling of elevation to OS administrator privileges.
  • Fixed memory leaks with OS notification activity.
  • Improved performance for loading Behance panel content.
  • Fix for synchronized fonts to correct some incomplete font activations scenarios that resulted in synchronized fonts being unavailable for use.
  • Fix to disable fonts when no user is signed into the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application.

Version released on 8/20/2013

  • Fixed cases of unexpected conflict and copies created from previously synchronized files.
  • Fixed cases of unexpected deletion of files previously synced from the Creative Cloud Connection Preview application.
  • Fixed some cases of fonts synchronized when user is signed out later become unavailable.

Version released on 8/8/2013

  • Adobe CEF Helper (used to display web content) no longer utilizes CPU when not in use.
  • Enablement for Early Access release of Font and Typekit File Sync (learn more).

Version released on 7/15/2013

  • You can access the Release Notes from Preferences > General > Account > Version #. 
  • The Creative Cloud application no longer shows a confirmation message when you shut down the app.
  • (Mac OS only) App no longer opens when you switch between Spaces.
  • (Windows only) By default the app now launches in Window mode instead of pinned to the System Tray.

Version, released on 6/24/2013 

  • General performance improvements, including during sign in and authentication.
  • Resolves an issue where some users encountered an "Unknown Server Error" when attempting to sign in.

Update the Creative Cloud desktop app

When you relaunch the Creative Cloud desktop app, you'll be prompted to update it. If you do not relaunch the app, you'll get an update notification in 24 hours. Click Update to download and install the latest version, and then relaunch the app.

If you're a new user and have not installed the Creative Cloud desktop app yet, the latest version is available for download from the Creative Cloud Download Center.

Check app version

To check the version of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app:

  1. Launch the Creative Cloud desktop app and sign in with your Adobe ID.
  2. Click the gear icon and choose Preferences > General.

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