Feature summary | InDesign (February 2020 release)
New and enhanced features | February 2020 release of InDesign
Community Srcipts

Community scripts

Script panel now includes scripts created by the InDesign community.


Stability and Performance

Better stability performance, and enablement of smoother workflows.

Community-contributed scripts

Now, InDesign also provides you the scripts created by the InDesign community. These scripts are displayed in the Scripts panel under the Community section. 

  • InsertTypographerQuote
  • Clear Overrides
  • UnicodeInjector
  • Snap Margins to Text Frame
  • Break Text Thread

For more details, see Community-contributed scripts.

Stability and other enhancements

We aim to provide you a stable and a better product every release.

This release brings to you an improved application performance, better stability, smoother workflows, and enriched user experience. 

To know more, visit Fixed issues.